DJ Andy RX, the New Mr. Bear Germany 2024 on his Title Win and the German Bear Scene

Bear Pride Cologne took place from November 22-26. In addition to brunches, pub events, sauna trips and sightseeing tours, the two main events were the ‘Pipe’ party at Bogen and the Bears & Beards party at Club Volta which featured the election of Mr. Bear Germany 2024.

Organized by The Bartmänner Koeln (Cologne Bears), Bear Pride Cologne has become the largest bear event in Germany. “The Cologne Bears club has existed since 1984 and we are also the oldest existing bear club in the world. Next year we will celebrate our 40th anniversary” said Luca Castiglione, co-organizer of Bear Pride Cologne and the Mr. Bear Europe election. He went on to mention that the event now attracts between 2000-2500 visitors annually from all over the world and continues to grow. He was also quick to point out that the Cologne Bears have key partnerships with not only the other German Bear Clubs but also the Belgian, Luxembourger, Dutch and Swedish bear groups across Europe.

The board of the Bartmänner Cologne, organizers of Bear Pride Cologne and the German Committee for Mr. Bear Europe. (L-R) Frank Castiglione (President), Luca Castiglione (Public Relations), Maik Conrath (Marketing), Gianni Vitale (Graphic Design)

When asked what it takes to be elected Mr. Bear Germany Luca said: “To become Mr. Bear Germany it is helpful to have a high level of social skills, plus a high interest in social engagement. The voters will notice these qualities because they want to have a Mr. Bear who can be a mouthpiece and representative to the bear community outside of Germany.” It’s a tall order for anyone but Andy RX, the new Mr. Bear Germany, is definitely up to the challenge, as you will see in our discussion below.

DJ Andy RX, Mr. Bear Germany 2024

John:  Can you tell us a little about your background? What is your name, where do you come from and where do you currently live?

Andy: My name is Andy RX, I was born in Stuttgart and grew up there. I work full-time as a media designer in a publishing house that publishes specialist journals. My hobbies are music, dogs, traveling and the gym. I currently live between Stuttgart and Munich.

John: What attracted you to the bear community? What do you like about it?

Andy: Even as a teenager, I had a thing for men with a beards or mustaches. The actor Tom Selleck (Magnum PI) is a good example of the perfect man for me. I grew into the bear community because I have a beard myself and I find beards very attractive. For me, the beard means masculinity and radiates a certain calm for me. I have always enjoyed and felt comfortable within this community of beard wearers.

The best thing about the bear scene to me is, you don’t have to be perfect, you can be overweight, have little hair on your head, be thin or fat and everyone is still welcomed and able to find their favorite type of man.

John: Can you describe the German bear community to our readers?

Andy: The largest bear groups are located in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Berlin. Each region brings its own charm and special character. The events are known and well attended by an international audience. All the bear groups in Germany are very well connected and help each other with their events. Allow me to introduce you to some of these key bear groups and events in Germany.

The “Bartmänner” in Cologne organizes Bear Pride Cologne and the election for Mr. Bear Germany in November. The tickets for the event sell out very quickly and the hotel should be booked early. (More info:  There are also brunches, parties such as “Pipe” and assorted after hours parties at various locations in Cologne build around the event.

Traditionally during the third week of January, the “North Bears” from Hamburg organize Baerenpaadiie XXL in the Hamburg Markthalle. Tickets for this also sell out very quickly. (More info: Https://

The Stuttgart and Leipzig bear communities are a little smaller than the others, but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. At these events you have more of a chance to meet everyone and find your dream bear faster. In May the Stuttgart Bears have their ‘Bear Meeting’ event. Highlights include joint hiking, the architectural tour of Stuttgart, the sauna, swimming and of course a party on Saturday evening with me as DJ Andy RX & DJ CRIZ. (More info: )

Then, in October, there is the Leipzig Bear Weekend which offers a loving ambiance and a city with a lot of culture for bears to enjoy with each other. (More info: Https:// )

Throughout the year there are also various smaller events where bears meet to go to the cinema, go to dinner, go swimming or get together for sauna evenings. No one has to be alone. Everyone is welcomed with open arms!

John: Thank you for that Andy! You truly are an ambassador for the German bear community. That’s a lot of great information! I see they picked the right person to be Mr. Bear Germany, speaking of which, what was your experience during the competition?

Andy: At first I hesitated to be put up for election, since I am already a successful DJ in the bear scene and well known in the community. I never saw myself as the big winner or figured I even had a chance. With start number 6, I was the last candidate in the line-up. Sure, I was traded as a favorite, but really why would the judges give the ‘favorite’ a vote, rather than a newcomer?

When I met my competitors, I was sure one of those boys would get the title. I didn’t suspect anything when I was on stage. The friendship award was awarded, then the jury award, then the vice Mr. Bear… and then it was time for Mr. Bär 2024… and MY name was proclaimed! Now I’m in the spotlight and no longer in Kansas anymore HAHA!

John: Well-deserved too! The fact that you took time to introduce us to all the major German bear groups and events speaks a lot to your character and the pride you have in the German bears. That is the behavior of a true titleholder. What other tasks are associated with your title?

Andy: My task is to represent all bear men of Germany with dignity and to bring attention to important topics such as physical and mental health. Each of my competitors for the title of Mr. Bear Germany 2024 had his own goals and issues they fought for which I would also like to include in my year as Mr. Bear.

John: See what I mean? You’re a natural! What events will you attend this year?

Andy: I have invitations to the Hamburg “Bärenparty” and to Vienna for the Mr. Bear Austria election. I will also be present at the various Christopher Street Day demonstrations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

John: Lovely! In your opinion, what are important issues that need to be addressed in the bear community?

Andy: Mental and physical health. Education about sexually transmitted diseases and reducing the shame of going to a doctor. The advantages and disadvantages of PrEP Have and knowing your status. Bullying in the workplace. Violence against the LGBTIA+ community

John: All important issues. And lastly, tell us about your work as a DJ. How long have you been doing this?

Andy: I started as a DJ in my bedroom, where I always practiced and tried new things until I got the chance to play in a club. I won a DJ contest in Cologne in 2017 and my prize was my first big gig in front of a crowd of bears. After that, other organizers became aware of me, and I played in the big cities throughout Germany. My biggest success was in Greece at Bearly Athens, where I was allowed to make my debut at the legendary Underwear Party, and I have been regularly booked to Athens ever since. This year I was booked to play in Prague, I was in Taiwan for a small gig and at the end of this year I will be a DJ at the Honeypot party in Berlin.

John: Wonderful! Good luck with that. Thanks so much for joining me Andy. Have fun during your year as Mr. Bear Germany!

Andy: Thank you!

Be sure to keep up with DJ Andy RX, Mr. Bear Germany, by following him on Instagram and Soundcloud.

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