Destination of the Month: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city set amongst a maze of canals, much like Venice Italy. It’s easy to spend your days wondering the streets and discovering quaint shops and cafes or renting a bike and weaving your way through the canals. Amsterdam has a history of being a very liberal society, where gay marriage is legal, Marijuana is legal and so is prostitution.

The weather in Amsterdam is moderate. It never gets freezing or too hot normally. That being said the most popular times to visit are spring, when the tulips are blooming, and summer when all the cafes are bustling.

Fall and Winter are still nice times to visit, however you lose the experience of enjoying the outside cafes and canals that thrive in warmer temperatures.


Arriving into Amsterdam is pretty much easy from anywhere as it’s a major capitol and airport in Europe. A taxi into the city is not expensive.


Amsterdam is filled with a array of unique and wonderful hotels.

On the top of the list is the Conseratorium Hotel Located in an old music Conservatory and architecturally beautiful. It’s located next to the Van Gogh museum.

The Conservatorium Brasserie (source: Conservatorium Hotel website)

Other favorite hotels are…

The Dylan

The Pulitzer


The W has a wonderful Michelin starred restaurant called The Duchess which I highly recommend.

The Duchess at W Hotel (source: W Hotel website)

See & Do

There is so much to do in Amsterdam. The city is full of amazing museums such as Stedelijk Museum, The Van Gogh, Concertgebouw, Rijksmuseum, And the Anne Frank House. There are beautiful parks, amazing shopping districts, and day trips on boats through the canals.

In the evening you must wander the red-light district and see a part of Amsterdam that makes it famous.

LGBTQ Nightlife

For Gay nightlife, a major gay street in Amsterdam. Reguliersdwarsstraat, is home to many gay bars, restaurants and shops. More authentic Dutch gay venues and cafés can be found around the nearby Amstel area.

Equally close is Kerkstraat, a historic street that runs through the city centre and a newer gay neighbourhood with some late-night cruise bars.


Amsterdam has something to offer everyone weather your looking to take in the culture or enjoy the night life and decadence. It’s a city that is hard to not fall in love with and next to impossible to be bored in.

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