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[EXCLUSIVE] Chris Conde Premieres Latest Music Video for “The Notorious F.A.G.”

Chris Conde exclusively premieres music video for their latest single “Notorious F.A.G.” right here on Bear World Magazine!

A Valentine’s Day exclusive music video premiere from one of your favorite bear rappers right here on Bear World Magazine? Count us in! Chris Conde is no stranger to being authentic on the music they create and share with the world. They released their last single “C.O.M.B.” (cum on my beard) last February with quite a striking and sexy music video to go along with it, repping full leather gear and shaking some ass for the world to see.

With Chris’s latest single releasing this past October titled “The Notorious F.A.G.,” the song now has a music video to accompany it, bringing Chris’s intense lyricism and insane flows right to your screen. The track itself is quite a banger, with Chris proclaiming they’re a “faggot” like a badge of honor. The hook is so catchy that it’s sure to get stuck in your head after listening through the track just once. With a knack for changing their flow around and riding on every beat they touch, Chris absolutely ate this instrumental up.

Check out the interview I did with Chris below and peep the music video after you’re done reading it!

 Photo by Stacey Lovett 

Bryce Quartz: Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! How are you feeling about premiering your music video for your latest single “The Notorious F.A.G.” right here on Bear World Magazine for Valentine’s Day?

Chris Conde: I am absolutely ecstatic!

Bryce Quartz: When the song dropped this past October, I was impressed as I always am by your lyrical ability and knack for being so authentic on a track. This song truly is a banger! What was your initial inspiration behind creating this track and how did you go about writing it and putting it onto an instrumental?

Photo by Manuel Gonzales

Chris Conde: Ever since I came into hip-hop, I’ve been hit with a lot of homophobic comments and people questioning my skill. In a way it helped hone my craft so that no one could ever say that I wasn’t great at rap. “Notorious F.A.G.” sort of carries that same theme; I Just wanted to remind everyone that I am that bitch, ya know? And honestly, I just had a desire to create a song that was cunt and aggressive. I feel like there’s not a lot of abrasive queer music in general, especially hip-hop. I mean, it exists, but we always need more. And that’s where this song comes in.

Bryce Quartz: This music video was epic to watch from start to finish, and I love how much confidence you exude on camera here. The switch up halfway through from wearing clothes to leather was super hot and powerful! Can you tell our readers a little bit about what your journey in the Leather Community has been like over the past few years?

Chris Conde: While I’m still fairly new to the leather and kink community, it’s been such a healing part of my journey. My mentor Wil Wever along with many folks especially here in NYC like my best friend Chipper have loved me and helped me grow as I navigate the scene and discover how I fit inside of it all. My relationship with my body and how I navigate queer spaces has been directly affected by wearing leather. I feel connected to queer history when I’m in leather. I feel connected to the greater community when I’m in leather.

Photo by Zed Sheng, Rope work by Tom Roper

Bryce Quartz: Your journey in the community here in NYC has been quite inspiring from my perspective and I know it’s inspiring to many others too. What does your representation as a self proclaimed nonbinary chub in the leather community mean to you as a rapper and an individual?

Chris Conde: My message is simple: be your authentic self in every space you occupy. So I try to do just that. The more we are ourselves, the more we accept each other and love each other, the more it gives permission for other people to be themselves: non-binary, pan, gay, queer, asexual, fat, skinny, tall, short, hairless, hairy, etc. At the end of the day we’re all just people, regardless of the adjectives that we’re tagged with.

Bryce Quartz: You’ve been making music for quite a long time and have overcome so much to get where you are now, and you’ve written about a lot of your experiences in your music which is truly inspiring as well. If there’s one thing someone takes away from listening to your music, watching your music videos, or watching you perform live, what would that be and why?

Chris Conde: Give yourself permission to heal. Be gentle with yourself, ask for help and do whatever the fuck makes you happy.

Photo by Manuel Gonzales

Bryce Quartz: Speaking of live performances, you absolutely kill it every single time I’ve gotten the chance to experience you perform live. Your breath control and lyrical ability is immaculate and impressive to say the least! Not to mention you went on tour last year across Europe. Do you have any opportunities for our readers to see you perform live anytime soon or throughout this year that you can share with us now?

Chris Conde: Thank you! So yea, on Wednesday, March 13 I’m playing with my insanely talented friend Ceschi at Elsewhere here in Brooklyn. Ceschi started the label that we’re both on: Fake Four Inc. Then in June I’ll be touring Europe again with my friend and Fake Four Inc. labelmate Myles Bullen.

Bryce Quartz: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being your friend, it’s that you always have plenty of surprises up your sleeve. What can we expect next from you as far as new music?

Photo by Eli Schmidt 

Chris Conde: Oh man, so much new music! I’m in the middle of finishing up a new record, which will be out sometime this year. But definitely more shows, videos, songs, collaborations. It’s gonna be a good year for sure!

Bryce Quartz: Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions today! Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Chris Conde: Since it’s Valentine’s Day I’ll leave you with my quick philosophy on love: I believe it comes from an infinite Source. I believe it is healing and I believe we can share it with whoever we want. I believe as queer people especially it’s so important to build connections and let ourselves be loved. So love more, love yourself, love each other and love as often as possible.

Watch the music video for The Notorious F.A.G. by Chris Conde below!

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