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Check Out Three Days to Chicago – A Visual Novel About Bears!

It’s no secret that there is a sore lack of representation of queer bears in the media. That is why when we come upon across a story or project that centers on us and our experiences we celebrate. This is one of those times. Allow us to present the game Three Days to Chicago, a visual novel and game centered on bears! Check out the details and trailer below!

On Thursday, indie publisher MidBoss (2064: Read Only Memories, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver) announced that its first third-party publishing project Three Days to Chicago by Chris Schroyer is now available to download on Steam.

Three Days to Chicago is a “cozy, flirty real life-inspired adventure” that takes place on a cross-country train trip.

“I took the vacation of my dreams a few years ago: a coast-to-coast train ride from Emeryviille to New York City,” Schroyer said in a press release. “In the days leading up to the trip, the general concept of Three Days to Chicago started to form in my head: give two characters the time and space away from their daily lives to get to know each other.”

The visual novel is also an explicit celebration of bears!

“I also wanted to tell an intimate story celebrating bears, a gay subculture of larger-bodied and often hairy men,” Schroyer said. “It’s rare to see this warm and welcoming group presented in mainstream media with real depth, so I felt this would be an excellent opportunity to reflect on my personal experiences attending bear events and getting to know the community. After only a few hours of traveling, my Amtrak roomette was covered in sticky notes, fleshing out the story beats, characters, and their destinations. With a solid outline in place, I took photos to remember this one-of-a-kind vacation for myself while seeing these incredible environments through the eyes of the game’s characters.”

“Chris has been a friend of the company for years and also a personal acquaintance of mine for even longer,” MidBoss CEO, Cade Peterson added. “When he approached me about publishing his game, I was excited to partner up. Once we figured out some logistics to balance our already heavy workload, a game plan formed, and we decided to make a go of it. We hope you enjoy the game because it was made with real heart.”

Three Days to Chicago is available to download now via Steam, and is currently on sale for 20% off to celebrate its launch.

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