Check Out the New Podcast “Bears of a Certain Age”

Today is the launch of a brand-new, bear-centric podcast entitled “Bears of a Certain Age”. Co-hosted by Scott Fullerton, the vibrant voice behind the Left of Str8 Show, and Jonny Shuffield, the creative force of The Queer Centric, this delightful and insightful podcast is all set to make Wednesdays a whole lot more interesting for the bear community, our admirers, and beyond.

“Bears of a Certain Age” brings to the podcasting world a fresh perspective on the lives and experiences of gay bears approaching or beyond the age of 50. The podcast aims to be more than just a source of entertainment—it will be a space for inclusivity, embracing the beauty of age, and engaging in meaningful discussions on topics that matter.

Each week, Scott and Jonny will provide a humorous spin on news and entertainment specific to the bear community. But that’s not all! The show will occasionally welcome celebrities to share their stories and insights. Topics will range from dating and sex to health and wellness, and they won’t be shying away from the hot-button issues. Experts will join the hosts in providing informed views and advice, creating a platform for open, frank, and fun conversations.  In their second episode, Scott and Jonny will welcome adult film star and singer/songwriter Colton Ford on the show for an in-depth interview.

“Bears of a Certain Age” will be available to listeners across the globe on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and also on YouTube. Catch the premiere episode today on your favorite platform. New episodes will be available weekly.

In celebration of the podcast’s premiere, we had a quick chat with Scott and Jonny to see what we have to look forward to.

BWM: What made you decide to launch Bears of a Certain Age and why now?

Scott:  Jonny and I started chatting over social media.  I love connecting with other podcasters and invited Jonny to co-host my weekly news and entertainment show, the “Rainbow Rundown.” While recording the show, Jonny and I just clicked and one of us made the comment on one of the news stories we were talking about, that as, “Bears of a Certain Age,” we probably agree on…..and a lightbulb just went off over both of us.  We knew this was a topic we both felt close to and decided to work on it together.  We have been thick as thieves ever since, chatting daily about our excitement and ideas for this new show.  

Jonny: Yes, I remember we were having a great time and then this idea of aging in the queer community came into the conversation and this thought that we are over 40, we aren’t dead! With all of my past shows I have always liked the idea of talking openly and frankly about things that we don’t always give a spotlight too.  Doing it with honesty and humor, I thought, “oh we are made for this.”

BWM: The show is described as a “celebration of life’s second act in the gay bear community”. Can you expand on that? What topics specific to that can we expect to hear about?

Scott:  In my opinion, as our generation passes 50, 60, we are more comfortable in our skin, and begin to want more quality time than the hustle we have been doing in our 20s, 30s, and 40s and it’s time to claim our time again, enjoy life, say what’s on our minds, and have some fun.  Nothing is off limits for topics, sex, dating, finances, health and fun such as bear weekends and bar events.  Jonny is the more extroverted of us and regularly hosts events, and I tend to ‘hibernate’ more and love looking for people, places and things of interest to explore in the community.  

Jonny: Let’s be honest, we are not always great in the lgbtqia community at allowing people to age, not in a respectful way and I mean that in both directions.  We need to celebrate ourselves at all stages and ages.  If you’re 23 living your best life, DO IT, have so much fun, but allow the same for your 50 something brothers and sisters.  We wil talk about all the fun that can still be had and all the new challenges that pop up.  It’s life and we should be able to talk about it.   Listen I can pull a muscle just making out with a guy now, THAT is definitely new! Let’s get into it! 

BWM:  As bears of a certain age can you tell us what your favorite thing is about bear culture and one thing you would change if you could?

Scott:  For me, Bear Culture is more inclusive. Although we have our diversity of bears, cubs, leather, kink, etc, we tend to celebrate these things together and there is not quite the rivalries’ we had when we were younger.  If I could wave my magic paw and change something, it would probably be to get the younger gays to know that body type and age should not be what we base each other’s worth on.  Attraction is one thing, but showing respect to our entire community is what is needed.  

Jonny:  Can we just talk about the fact that Scott has a “magic paw” I think that is a draw right there.  I would echo Scott in the fact that I found a larger level of acceptance when I found the bear community, there is a permission there that I think is beautiful.  And bears sure know how to celebrate!  As for something I would change? Um it’s not fair that I don’t live in Palm Springs or P-Town…I would change that.  

BWM: Besides Colton Ford are there any other upcoming guests or hot button topics you can tease for us?

Scott:  Both Jonny and I feature interviews prominently on our other shows, so we will have special guests from time to time but will probably be more topical and hopefully more listener interaction driven.  We have some segments in mind for our audience to chime in on, and we are definitely going to hit hot button issues, such as sex without condoms again (we lived thru AIDS and have some thoughts!), having to work past retirement, Travel Tips, Online Scams, Sex Toys, etc.  

Jonny: I have a young intern now who cringes thinking about men over 25 having sex and even worse if I talk about fetishes, so I look forward to having open discussions about the many expressions of pleasure and sex.  I tell him all the time, as long as there is a 20-year-old cringing that I am out there having a good time, our work is not done.  We are also going to have times when we bring on some other bears and have panel discussions about things that us bears think about; fur maintenance, furry butt or smooth, how do I eat better but still keep my curvacious lines?

BWM: When did each of you find the bear community and what keeps you involved with it?

Scott:  I am admittedly late to the party and have been embracing my bearness and daddy image for only about the last 5 or so years but am hitting it with Gusto.  The more I experience and learn of bear culture, I love the camaraderie, the friendships, and the acceptance I have felt.  I want to stay involved to give back the love I have felt.   

Jonny:  I found the bears in my mid-thirties. I had been firmly in the chub/chaser world most of my life being 325 pounds.   I lost about 100 pounds for health reasons and kept being told I was not big enough to play with the chasers anymore.  Now no shade on that community but that was just my experience, my partner wasn’t attracted to me anymore and I was lost.  I started going out and running into bears who embraced me and celebrated me and just made me feel like maybe there was life still out there.  I stay involved because they are truly my community, and it helps that bears are just sexy as hell so who doesn’t want to stay active with fellow bears?  Even better, bears and all the little subgroups we have, come in ALL shapes and sizes, 325 or 125 pounds.  It’s amazing!

“Bears of a Certain Age” is streaming now on all major streaming platforms.

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