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Doom­_beef utilizes AI technology to create stunning images of bears. His work captures the beauty of a diverse array of men of all different body sizes, races, ethnicities and ages. The images he creates alternate between being playful, fantastical, and downright sexy. We sat down with the mysterious artist to learn more about what drives his creative passions.

BWM: Tell us a bit about your background and how you started creating art.

Doom beef: Hey bears, I’m Doom beef!

I live near San Francisco, close to Palo Alto, CA. I work currently in the Tech industry, but I’ve been involved in art since I can remember. I got serious with the art things around 1997. I’ve done everything professionally from music, painting, zines, graphic design, t-shirt design, record cover design, record labels, horticulture design etc. I just can’t get enough!

I’ve always leaned/gravitated towards the underground art scenes, having hidden/ unknown names or monikers (Doom_beef)  —I’m Just trying to let my art speak for itself. A Mystery is fun to me.

Lately my main thing is experimenting with the brand new ‘Artificial intelligence’ Ai art applications. It’s like another brand-new toy to create with. A lot of interesting changes and shakeups are happening right now in the tech industry, it’s an exciting time in history with all the latest innovations in Technology/Art Scene— it’s moving lighting speed right now —I’m excited to see where everything is headed in the future and where it takes my Bearish Art.

BWM: What is it about bears that makes you want to incorporate them into your art?

Doom_beef: Not to sound too Artsy Fartsy, but I am drawn to the Bears because of how pleasing they are to my eyes (laughs). It just feels right, and my passion is behind creating images of bearish men with beards; I don’t know it’s hard to explain!

There’s just an extra ‘umff’ when I create something bearish. It just feels right. Basically, they have that feel of a man but a softness to them as well that is welcoming and inviting.

BWM: What initially drew you into the bear community? And what keeps you there?

Doom_beef: I’ve Been Around the Bear Community for ages now. What drew me to the Bear community is that they were welcoming of me, and I feel the most comfortable when I am around other bears. I feel welcomed. From guys that wear their heart on their sleeves, to guys that are very stoic in nature, you can be a big hairy chub to a very slender cub, all is welcome.

BWM: Are you professionally trained or self-taught? Tell us about that.

Doom_beef: I’m totally self-taught. I’ve taken a few art classes when I was younger but that was mainly for fun—nothing much. I’ve had a lot of great Mentors in the art world though, somehow you just cross paths with some amazing people during your lifetime, and yes some of these amazing people are in the Bear scene. So maybe it’s all meant to be.

BWM: Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

Doom_beef: Wow so many inspirations..

From music: David Bowie, Mf Doom, Prince, Cave-in, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ice Burn, Fort Thunder, Melt Banana, Depeche Mode, 90s techno, She Past Away, KVB, Demuja, Kraftwerk etc.

And from the Art world: David Hockney, Jean-Michel Basquiat, AndyWarhol, Milton Avery, Keith Harring, Caravaggio, and many more.

A big inspiration for me now are all the Ai art creators on Instagram, so many to list: BrawnyAi, Rvb_ai, Spaicy_Meatballs, BearMythology,, Gymdreams8, Digitalbeardudes, Ai_Edwotch, Hammamofyourdreams, Icg_ai, Mandroid_x0x0, ai.Daddybear2, Cyberhunks.Ai, Gaf.ai_, Retromale,, Happened_to_some_man,, Mid.Daddy, etc

I love waking up every morning to some amazing Bear, Muscle, Daddy, Jock inspired Ai. Whatever —it is it’s all good !

BWM: What big projects are you working on? What is coming next?

Doom_beef: As of right now I am looking into developing more on the AI art work/apps.  I’m trying to find new ways to generate images that have my style, while trying to explore how far I can push this medium. I like that the AI technology is in a way bringing new expressions into the Bear world and scene. All new shapes and colors! Thank god!

I’m Always trying to experiment with different methods or mediums. It’s a must for me.

To see more work for Doom beef, be sure to check out their Instagram.

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