Bryce Quartz joins forces with fellow queer rappers to ‘Flex’ for us!

One of our favorite cubby rappers, Bryce Quartz has teamed up with one of our favorite bear rappers, Big Daddy Karsten, and fellow queer rapper GodIsMikey to show us how they “Flex”!

The new track, entitled “Flex! (Feat. Big Daddy Karsten & GodIsMikey)”, will be available on all platforms tomorrow, January 8. A futuristic trap beat with fast-paced and heavy-hitting lyrics from all three artists, “Flex!” will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Cover art by: Blayne Austin

“Flex! (Feat. Big Daddy Karsten & GodIsMikey)” shows off Bryce’s bombastic attitude and quick witty flows, complimented by Karsten’s boisterous and sleek wordplay, and Mikey’s impeccably-flowed verse serving as the perfectly sweet cherry on top to end the song. 

This is Bryce’s final single before dropping his third mixtape American Queer, Vol. 3: Third Times A Charm, coming in March. His third mixtape is sure to continue making bold statements about navigating the music industry as an openly queer artist while having fun doing it. 

The song is mixed and mastered by @dnxkeyanobeats and produced by Alexander Grimsley.

“Flex! (Feat. Big Daddy Karsten & GodIsMikey)” will be available on Spotify and all other digital platforms tomorrow! To pre-save the track, follow this link.

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