Bros stars answer your ‘Burning Questions’

The long anticipated and heavily publicized movie Bros is now showing in theaters nationwide.

The first gay rom-com from a major studio, written by a gay man and starring a queer cast is out and so far the reviews are mixed, although we can all appreciate the importance of the moment:

 “Bros wears its queerness proudly, without stooping to cater overmuch to whatever elusive demographics might qualify it as a “crossover” success. But good comedy doesn’t hang on pronouns or preferences; likthis sweet, sharp movie, all it has to be is itself” said Entertainment Weekly, with many major media outlets echoing versions of the same sentiment.

It’s hard to believe we have been talking about this movie for over a year. When news broke that Billy Eichner would be co-writing and starring in this history making film from Universal, it was met with quite a bit of enthusiasm from the queer community, an enthusiasm that has been feverishly maintained throughout Eichner’s tireless campaign to drum up support from audiences. Between Eichner’s social media,  star-studded premieres at TIFF, in New York and Los Angeles, a special Billy on the Street and countless interviews with the press he has definitely gotten the word out.

And as the movie is released to theaters today he, his co-star Luke Macfarlane and Bros director/ co-writer Nicholas Stoller sat down with IMDb to play  Burning Questions in support of the film. As you can imagine, hilarity ensured.

When asked what their “Bro-iest” hobbies were Macfarlane admitted to having done cross fit (which Eicher jokingly disqualified as being ‘pretty gay’), being a mountain biker and a wood worker. Meanwhile Stoller sheepishly admitted that his bro-iest hobby was baking croissants which garnered a big laugh.

Macfarlane also admitted that he brought Eichner to an LA Kings hockey game the first time they hung out thinking it would be fun, but the pair ended up having an in-depth discussion of Angels in America which Eichner claimed was “very Bros” of them.

When asked what gay movie affected him the most Eichner said: “It wasn’t the first gay movie I’ve seen by any means, but the scale at which Love, Simon was made, and produced and released it had a profound effect on me emotionally. To see a story about a gay kid coming out of the closet playing in a multiplex where like Spider-Man and all these other big franchise movies were playing you just realize how many movies like that we haven’t gotten over the years.”

The trio went on to discuss why they filmed in Provincetown, which romantic comedies are due for a gay makeover and the lessons learned from filming the infamous orgy scene.

You can watch the full video here.

Bros is now playing in a theater near you.

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