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BRIC, a new clothing company for men with extended sizing, launches Kickstarter

The reality is that for men with extended sizing, finding the right fit when it comes to apparel is not always a pleasant experience. 

It seems that many clothing brands across the board are trying their best to be more inclusive with their sizing, but one demographic still feels overlooked — the Big and Tall man. There seems to have been little apparel innovation, and many men don’t feel represented in the sizes currently offered in Big and Tall stores.

Regardless of your size, options for men with extended sizing are very limited, as Sandra Bullock’s character in the 2009 American biopic sports drama, The Blind Side, found out while shopping for her foster son. 

Now, BRIC is here to make these difficulties a thing of the past by elevating the shopping experience for men with extended sizing, regardless of body size! Their core focus is on the forgotten man who has had a hard time finding the right fit for years. 

The foundation of BRIC is inspired by personal experiences of a 6’6 founder, Kemdi Anosike, who has had a hard time finding clothes that fit all his life. Their goal is to create a brand that sees “the forgotten man” and to make sure that he is heard, understood and, most importantly, fitted. 

At BRIC, fit is very important. It’s so important that they have even created their own size chart, which is different from the industry standard. They are firm believers that One Size doesn’t fit all. 

BRIC has now launched their collection of sweaters as part of their Kickstarter Campaign. Just like the word “BRICK”, they ensure that their products are classic, timeless, durable and most importantly, stylish. 

BRIC sweaters feature: 

  • Classic styles 
  • Four colors
  • Up to six sizes
Odor Resistant 

Great news for all people dependent on deodorant — merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing! No matter how hot it is, you’ll feel fresh all day long.

Wrinkle Resistant 

The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. And when you’re travelling with a packed suitcase, just get out your merino wool clothes, hang them for half an hour and you’re all good. No annoying wrinkle damage from seat belts or backpacks any more! It’s the ultimate on-the-go companion.

Does Not Itch 

The rich, close-knit texture does not itch, but instead feels soft against the skin.


Merino wool does miracles for style-lovers with sensitive skin. Research shows that wearing merino sweaters reduces adult and infant eczema symptoms impressively compared to other fabrics. This hypoallergenic fiber treats your skin softly and with great care.

And most importantly… 

Very Durable

Merino wool is six times stronger than cotton. Each fiber can be bent back onto itself over 20,000 times, in comparison to cotton, which breaks after 3,200 times. 

So, if you believe in living in a world where the sizing options for men with extended sizing should not be limited, please support the BRIC Kickstarter today!

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