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Brand-New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: For all your Bear / Gay Needs

Perhaps you’ve seen that one TV advert where these four very stylish and skinny (but I did not “Say Gay”) young men are coming out of a Posh Spice hotel with equally stylish (and very little) matching baggage….The brand-new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross, looking even more stylish, is right there waiting, clean and poofed, fresh from a shampoo.

These young men dance, gyrate, smile, move, get all four of their incredibly shiny travel bags in the boot of the Cross, strap in – and somehow even have room for an even more stylish J-Lo-esque woman to appear in the backseat. Wow, talk about the magic of….. fairy dust?

See the commercial here; I think it’s a work of art, personally.

Toyota is clearly appealing to the LGBTQIA++ and the all-around stylish set here, but they are making some good points.There is plenty of room in the brand-new Corolla Cross, a car that is considered a sub-compact SUV. Cargo volume is just about 25 cubic feet, so honestly, for four fashionable young men to travel, planning ahead is, shall we say, ‘encouraged’. Yet for this class of car, that’s pretty decent. 

But for those who need a car that can get around town and is easy to park, will get you an easy 31 city / 33 highway, and has a starting sticker of $22,445 US, well, baby – The Corolla is back!

My guess is Toyota went with the name Corolla because worldwide, it still carries some punch with value shoppers. My first car was a Corolla Tercel, though I only really knew it as a Tercel. 

The Cross, as we shall know it here, is a safe smart little car (okay, SUV) with appeal to all age ranges, all temperatures, if all their adverts / commercials are any indications. 

In so many ways, this is a basic car. For the year 2022.

Standard features include keyless entry, heated side mirrors, 60/40-split folding rear seat (which does open up the cargo area – a lot), automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, lane departure mitigation, lane-keep assist and forward-collision mitigation. 

You do need to go up the trim line to get the nicer things, but the LE (one trim up) is only $2K more, and the XLE is just another $2K more.

Items like sunroof, power liftgate and a JBL audio system will cost you extra regardless of trim. 

And a big (as it were) concern is, as evidenced by this commercial, is that some of you might truly feel a little pinched in this car.  I do think it’s a great get-round-Towne car, but please get in it first.

Indeed, I am always watching your arse. I want to make sure you are comfortable, because if you are not – then, hey, what’s the point? 

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