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Boy Butter’s sexy ad featuring bearded guys intended to make cishet men uncomfortable

Remember those moody, sexy, black-and-white fragrance ads from the 90s? Well, Boy Butter is paying homage to them in its new ad — but with a queer twist!

The personal lube brand Boy Butter, which you probably know from seeing their ads broadcast during RuPaul’s Drag Race, has released a new 30 second ad with two hot bearded guys making out on the beaches of Malibu. What’s even better is that, according to Out Magazine, the ad is set to be broadcast regularly on ESPN and ESPN2, and during many popular sporting events, including boxing matches, SportsCenter news, and the popular (and homoerotic) UFC Fight Nights that air on Saturdays.

So, yes — queering up heteronormative spaces and making cishet men squirm uncomfortably in their La-Z-Boy recliners during the football game is exactly what Boy Butter is going for. Boy Butter‘s founder, Eyal Feldman, says he wants those who may be uncomfortable watching the ad to question the reasons behind their discomfort, especially since it “encourages you to find solace in being yourself, and promotes the message of loving whomever you choose, freely.” 

“The ad is reminiscent of the iconic ’90s fashion campaigns, with a gay point of view,”  Donna Feldman, co-founder and producer of StrawHat Productions, the company that helped produce the spot with creative partner Michael Blank, added. “The love shared amongst the men offers a twist to the way the audience of the sport views displays of masculinity.”

Well, we say yes to queering up heteronormative spaces. We love to see it!

Check out the new sexy Boy Butter ad below!

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