BMW 7 Series Sedans: You Have Arrived!

Often considered the ultimate in luxury cars, the BMW 7 series sedans still hold all the alure for those who want the ride and feel of a limousine and still need plenty of room for passengers who need to be treated like royalty, however defined. 

Sedans are not as popular as they used to be.  SUVs allow one to ride higher and pack in more stuff.  Those taller vehicles are meant for a more ‘active’ lifestyle.  No one wants to relax and do nothing anymore.

Yet with a sedan, the pleasure is all yours, as a driver and a passenger.  I like driving a sedan, though admittedly, it is a pain to park because, well, it’s harder to see things, like people and shopping carts – this one is 17 ½ feet long.  (Today’s drivers aids help solve most of those issues – but you still have to pay attention.)

I tested the BMW 760i xDrive. Talk about a luxury living room on wheels! 

Twin-turbo V-8. Bowers and Wilkins Surround Sound System. Remote engine start.  Hands-free driving capabilities. Car doors that open and close for you. “Live Cockpit Pro” features.  Snazzy interior and exterior elements…..

This car does not, however, open the champers or start your espresso for you.  For a starting price of just a smidge (insert laugh track here) over $100K US, you’d think they’d throw in a big burly butler for at least the afternoon. 

What do you do with a limo this expensive? Beats me.  My guess is that you would need a garage to park it in. You really don’t want to leave this beauty on the street – but you won’t need port and starboard lights for it. 

And rest assured, there truly is plenty of room inside for five Fun-Size Bears. And plenty of room in the boot for the queen-size baggage.

Too often, most of the world doesn’t think of Bears as elegant or in need of luxury.  We have a reputation of being rough and tumble, being more like mountain men than high society sophisticates in tuxedos.

We can be both. We need our luxury, and sometimes on the highway, after a particularly grueling event like work, we need to relax in as much luxury as possible on our way home. 

I certainly enjoyed driving the BMW 760 home after a ‘rough and tumble’ time with the Bears (insert wink here).