Big Daddy Karsten serves cake in new ‘Barry Antoinette’ video!

Big Daddy Karsten (BDK) loves to surprise fans. And this time he’s serving them a big slice of CAKE with “Barry Antoinette”!

His new single “Barry Antoinette” was released on Friday, April 1st, and now we get to meet Barry Antoinette in the brand new music video premiering today, April 3rd at 12:00 P.M. EST on YouTube!

Go to the link below to check out the world premiere!

So, who is Barry Antoinette? Barry Antoinette is BDK’s alter ego/superhero — he is the part of Karsten that saves horny men in the closet from blue balls or sexless relationships. Barry is flamboyant, big, loud and beautiful: He twerks better than Meg, conveys better than Skavlan and lures more ‘boys to the yard’ than Kelis! Barry’s super powers are greatness of life, super-superiority and penetrating laser gaze, so you if you think you can pull one over on Barry Antoinette, you have another thought coming!

Karsten says that the song is about Barry and his love for cake. Karsten says that the song is about Barry and cake in all shapes and flavors. “Everyone likes some form of cake, “says BDK. “Barry thinks that everyone should eat cake all the time and can’t really understand why someone would want to eat fish, for example. It just doesn’t taste as good!

Barry also describes how everyone really wants his cake, and that this is both “right and proper.” But his cakes are exclusive, and not baked for everyone. “You gotta have money to eat Barry’s cakes, but you don’t have to be an oligarch or anything. Barry, like his cousin La Cicciolina, has said that he may be willing to serve cake for peace.”

With over 6,000 loyal fans on Instagram and several thousand on YouTube, BDK is hailed as a role model, a kind of spokesperson for openness and awareness around mental health, while he continues to give us raw rap music. In terms of sound, BDK is versatile and often draws inspiration from artists such as Sam Smith, Devlin, Busta Rhymes, Jaykae and Kevin Gates.

In 2016, he came “out of the closet” to a hungry Norwegian press, after becoming sober from a life consisting of drugs and crime. Since then, he has, among other things. gone viral, as with «Ken Dreams» in 2019 where he raps about having sex with almost all men in Norway’s rap elite, he has been named one of 300 most influential artists in Norway from 2000-2020 at Rockheim, played all the big pride festivals in Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø, Kristiansand +++) and some of the biggest music festivals (Hove, Skral, CanalStreet +++), and he is often invited to Norway’s number one hip hop media place YLTV (54.6k) to take a freestyle or release a music video. In 2021, this former VGTV battle rapper charmed nearly one million Norwegian viewers on MGP with the song “Smile” and he has collaborated with artists such as Joddski, Cezinando, Tuva Syvertsen, Linda Vidala, Keem One, Oral Bee, Andre Jensen, Ferdinand, Soleil Camara (++).

BDK is a sought-after interview subject, who in 2022 tells his story through several documentaries on national TV (‘Different’ on TV2 January + two on Discovery in April) and this summer his EP Bearly Legal will be released.

Listen to “Barry Antoinette” out today on all music platforms!
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