Big Daddy Karsten releases new single ‘Stepz’!

For a good time, call Big Daddy Karsten! “Stepz” is out TODAY! 

Our favorite Norwegian bear rapper is here to give you a few “Stepz” to guide you to his — err… HEART! 

After experiencing huge success with his previous single “Smile”, which was performed at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, the competition which determines which song will represent Norway at the annual Eurovision Song Contest, Big Daddy Karsten is back with a bonafide banger! Hopefully, we’ll all get to go out and dance to “Stepz” together soon!

I had a small chat with Big Daddy Karsten about the release of “Stepz”, and what we may all be able to look forward to in the future!

Photo by  Are Næsset
Kyle Jackson: Where did the idea for Stepz come from? 

Big Daddy Karsten: The idea for “Stepz” came from a few dreams I had about drunken nights at the club. I wanted to feel like I was out drinking and having fun and created a fantasy where I was the hottest guy in there and getting all the attention. (laughs) 

(And we might have been inspired a little bit by Azealia Banks’ song “212”)

KJ: Who did you work/collaborate with to make Stepz? 

BDK: “Stepz” was made with my good friend and producer Are Næsset, who is also my go-to photographer, videographer and best friend. Are usually has a hand in everything I do, but with this one it’s only us! 

KJ: What’s different or new about “Stepz” from all of your other singles? 

BDK: It’s not too different, to be honest — It’s body and sexpositive, it’s fun, and you can dance to it!

KJ: What are you looking forward to most with this release? 

BDK: What I’m most looking forward to is to see if I am able to make people live in the fantasy that I’ve created and make them feel as if they are the only person getting all the love and drinks at the club. 

We might also have some remixes in the works, so stay tuned. (winks)

Check out Big Daddy Karsten’s new single “Stepz” on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other digital platforms!

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