Big Daddy Karsten joins the Bear World Podcast this week!

Hey, all you Bears, there’s a new episode of the Bear World Podcast out today! Every episode, the show will feature some beary important guests who will join host Kyle Jackson to discuss some important, hilarious or trending topics in the Bear community.

In this week’s episode of the Bear World Podcast, Kyle is joined by the BIG Bear with the BIG tunes, and Norway’s first and only out gay rapper, Big Daddy Karsten! They talk about the challenges and rewards that comes with coming out of the closet in the rap scene, and how it continues to influences Karsten’s work in the queer music scene. You will also get to meet their alter egos, Tiffany and Kimberly! YAAASSSS!

Big Daddy Karsten. Photo by Are Næsset

Kyle is also joined for the first time by Bear World Magazine’s new beard and hair care expert Shane Michael of Bear Essential Hair, for a segment on hair tips for summer vacations and why there’s no need to cut your beard in order to safely and effectively wear a face mask!

Shane Michael Duncan. Photo by Glenn Hudson

Listen to the episode on the player below! You can also listen to the Bear World Podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or wherever good podcasts can be found!

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