Big Daddy Karsten is “Legenbeary”!

Big Daddy Karsten is ready to show the world what it means to be “Legenbeary!” 

Big Daddy Karsten has become more widely known through last year’s MGP with the queer smash “Smile”, and for being Norway’s first profiled male rapper to come out as gay. Karsten will release his new EP this year and the next single is “Legenbeary”, which is out TODAY!

“Legenbeary” is about having to be your own role model in the rap industry where there is a severe lack of representation for queer big men in a sea of heteronormative perfect bodies. The song is definitely relatable to anyone who has been in a situation where we feel that the world is against them and that getting what they want most seems unattainable. This catchy pop treat is a super positive reminder that we can do what we want as long as we do not give up and work to achieve our goals – Even if we don’t seem to fit in at first glance. 

I had a quick chat with Big Daddy Karsten about the new song “Legenbeary” and everything that inspired it. 

Kyle Jackson: What is the concept behind the song “Legenbeary”, or what is the idea behind it?

Big Daddy Karsten: “Legenbeary” is about having to be your own light and inspiration due to little, if any, representation you get being a gay big boy in the Rap/Music industry. But I also think its relatable to big gay boys in so many different aspects of life. We have all been told to lose weight or be less gay since forever. “Legenbeary” tells you that you can be you and still achieve your goals if you’re determined enough and work for it every day.

KJ: The song is from your upcoming EP, which is also called Legenbeary. How does it feel to be dropping an EP, and how long has it been since you released a full project?

BDK: It feels amazing. I haven’t released a full project since 2019, and this is the first one in English. This single and project, I believe, shows so much growth on my part, both from a human and artist perspective. Part of me feels this is the first project were I really know who I am and what I represent fully. 

I no longer have this toxic masculinity cloud hanging over my head. I don’t feel like i have anything to prove to an audience. An audience who doesn’t really want anything to to with me anyways. This is me, and this is what’s important. These songs are also the songs I need to hear myself. It’s very much a self-care pack for anyone who needs to hear that they’re perfect… While twerking at the same time.

Photo by Are Næsset
KJ: When you think of the word “Legendary”, what do you think it means to be legendary in the LGBTQ or Bear communities?

BDK: You have to have made an impact on the community. An impact that has led to some form of change for the better. You should have done something that can’t be forgotten. I guess I have already done that here in Norway. But the world is so much bigger. There are little chubby gay boys and big chubby men all over the world who need me. Just like they need Dapper Dan Midas, Bear World Magazine, Tim Hooper, or Nakia, just to mention a few others I see as already “Legenbeary.”

Photo by Are Næsset
KJ: Are there any other legendary artists that inspired any aspect of this project or that you want to shout out?

BDK: There are definitely artists that have inspired this project. I think it’s a little bit like Megan Thee Stallion, Lil’ Nas X, Big Dipper, Katy Perry and myself had an orgy and I forgot to take the morning after pill. Then, 9 months later, I gave birth to this new project. I would also love to shout out my little rap cub, Bryce Quartz, and also Dapper Dan Midas, Jesse Paradice, aka YardieKub, Keyano, Are Næsset and all them real ones out there. We killin’ it! *tongue pop*

Listen to “Legenbeary” out today on all music platforms!
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Kyle Jackson

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