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The Best Bear Bars In The World – 2019

Bear Bars have been around since the word bear was invented, and some a long time before that just without hanging the word ‘Bear’ outside! Last year we ran this story, but this is the newly updated list for 2019! But have we got it right? We don’t expect to be perfect! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

It seems everywhere nowadays is running bear nights, and that’s awesome, the more the merrier! But, we wanted to do a list where each bar on it had a special reason for being there or was at least somewhere a bear could go and feel at home every hour of the week, not just on a special night held once a month. 

Also, this is not in any specific order, so we’re not going to worry about numbering the entries. Check out our list and don’t forget to comment! 

Source: Kings Arms Facebook

Kings Arms – London

The Kings Arms is the oldest gay bar in Soho, London and the oldest bear bar in London. The building is hundreds of years old and has been a bear bar for over 35 years. Full of friendly bears at any time of day as well as a great selection of drinks, beers and ales, it’s a great place to meet friends for a quiet drink during the week or enjoy one of the bigger party nights at the weekends. 



Source: LA Eagle Facebook

LA Eagle

One of the most popular bars in LA, always full of big beefy bears and leather-types. The LA Eagle proudly upholds the leather/fetish ethos of the ‘Eagle’ name. Bears LA hold many of their social events here. 



Source: Ty’s Website

Ty’s – NYC

One of New York’s first gay bars to open after the Stone Wall Riot of 1969, Ty’s has been gay owned and operated since opening in 1972, and it’s always been a “man’s” bar catering to a bear/Levis audience.



Source: WOOF Berlin Facebook

WOOF – Berlin

This leather, bear and fetish bar is the number one place for hairy men, bears, muscle bears, chasers & admirers in Berlin!



JJ’s Clubhouse & Bar – St Louis 

One of the largest bear bars in the US, JJ’s Clubhouse has been open for 18 years and welcomes bears, leathermen and Levi lovers all day, every day! JJ’s has something for everyone from darts to pool to country dancing, it’s open from 3pm to 3am every day of the week. 



Source: Rockbar Instagram

Rockbar – NYC

Rockbar pitches itself as New York City’s preeminent bear bar. In addition to their regular nights, Rockbar plays host to a number of bear events like UrbanBear Weekend, Sunday Bear Blast and other monthly bear events. But you can go there anytime of the week and be greeted by a friendly group of furry men! Bonus points are also awarded as they host a lot of charity events, raising tens of thousands of dollars for all sorts of LGBT community organisations. 



Source: Diesel Seattle Website

Diesel – Seattle

The Diesel in Seattle is home to beers, bears and bikers! It also has a good range of food and drinks! 



Source: TR3S Lisboa Facebook

TR3S – Lisbon

Bears who live in, and visitors to, the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal HAVE to go check this place out, it’s a great bar with great drinks and great bears! 



Source: Bristol Bear Bar Facebook

Bristol Bear Bar – Bristol, UK

The Bristol Bear Bar is the first purpose built bear bar in the UK, so that alone deserves a place on our list! The venue is a must see for all Bears and non Bears as the atmosphere and staff are friendly and always happy to welcome the many national and international visitors who visit. Opening hours are Tue – Thurs 7pm – 11.30pm, Fri & Sat 7pm – 2am, and Sunday 3pm – 11pm (closed Mondays). 


Source: Gay Madrid website

Bears Bar – Madrid

BEARS BAR is located in the heart of the gay district of Chueca in Madrid. Home of the Mad.Bear bear club and 2 for 1 beers & soft drinks every night until midnight!



Source: Bear Bar Sydney Facebook

Bear Bar – Sydney 

OK, we’re going to bend our ‘7 days a week’ rule slightly – Sydney’s Bear Bar is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but it’s worth the wait! They’re open from 5pm, with lockout at 2am, and you can find them at 2 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst with the entrance located at the rear on Liverpool Street.

Bear Bar is the place to be in Sydney for entertainment and great music, with DJs most nights from 10pm. There is also Happy Hour from 5pm to 8pm with $5 drink, and food specials with $10 pizzas all night!



Source: Lone Star Saloon Facebook

Lone Star Saloon – SF

The Lone Star Saloon first opened its doors in 1989 and the original leather/biker crowd soon began to merge with the bear scene, which was gaining its momentum in the early 90s. Needless to say, the fringe scenes fit together seamlessly even as the bear movement become the bar’s calling card. Now it titles itself as ‘Bear Bar USA’! 




STUD – Montreal

Le Stud opened in 1996 and has been popular with the city’s leather/Levi and bear crowds ever since! 



Source: Leo Lounge Facebook

Leo Lounge – Tokyo

Japan’s original bear bar, favored by the local bear population! Leo Lounge Tokyo is located in Shinjuku-2Chome, well known as the largest gay town in Asia. Bears and any other types of guys are welcome! Enjoy drinks, music and friendly staff! The bar is men only and opens at 6pm every day. Plus, enjoy happy hour from 6pm to 8pm, Mon – Fri with free refills from 1,700yen!




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  • No Bears’ Den in Paris? The place is jam-packed every night!

    • It used to be crowded, but it no longer is

  • You are invited to come to San Juan, PR and visit our bear, leather bar, The Bear Tavern. It is not just a bar, it is a community. The only bear-leather bar in The Caribbean. We want every bear who visit PR on vacation know we are here.

  • I think the Laird in Melbourne should be on the list.

  • you should travel a little more in europe, there are Bear bars outside of the germany and of the spain who deserve the movement (i say nothing on the bars of UK … brexit ;-). In Paris, France, the bear’s den has long been the place where it had to be, force is of see the decrease of its attendance at profit of another bear bar not very far called ” el hombre bear bar”

  • In photos of these places u NEVER see a bear it’s always some pretty gym bunny posing as a bear because it learn how too shaving it body hair. Why do people like that have too have EVERYTHING?! For once i would like to see something start and not it take over my the gym bunnies and not add the word muscle too it just too try and make it fit. No! Not bitter. Just would like to go too an actual bear club and/or pub and not have to your way thru only to find out that u look nothing like everyone else. Someone always talks about how nice those guys are. Of course they are, they all are…not. i”ve always said that the next evloution of this movement will be twinks running around calling themselves Bear Lite or Twink Bear. This movement is soooooo destroyed.

    • pretty much the twinks wanna be bears too. and a few others who are not bear material… Now everyone can be A Bear, I dont think its Right but Who am I to say What a Bear is or Should be… I have my Ideas and Thoughts as to what a Bear is… But those who feel Like they are being discrimated against Because They are Big Hairy beard and Chubby,,, Wanna Be Bears too… I am A Bear and I have the qualities of a Bear… I dont Like how The Bear Community has accepted few things but I am pretty much an Island until myself when the Bear Theology and Philosphy is Concerned.

  • Wim, let’s try that again, only in English this time.

  • Glad to see you guys finally got around to recognizing JJs in St. Louis

    • Yea, JJ’s where you get sexually assualted and raped and druged by members of Leather Blue Max and owners look the other way. There is a reason this bar is going downhill, owners are selling and customers going to other bars.

  • The rest of Europe? France? Have you travelled?

  • Love bears

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