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Beers & Bears is back back back again!

Beers & Bears, New York’s hottest weekly bear party, made a triumphant return at the start of May to the Ritz Bar & Lounge after a year away.

Beers & Bears is held every Thursday, 6pm-midnight, and is perfect for those after work drinks. With great drinks offers, a cool outdoor patio space, great music, free food and hot go-go bears… what more could you want?!

Get on down to the Ritz Bar & Lounge, 369 W 46th St, New York to see for yourself why this is the best weekly bear party.

Beers & Bears is run by one of the best bear event promoters in the country, Shane Tate. Shane is the man behind great NYC parties such as ‘NYC’s Original Beer Blast’, ‘Truck Stop’ and ‘Furry Fridays’. He also runs hugely successful bear weekends on Fire Island and Key West.

I spoke to Shane briefly about the return of Beers & Bears:

Robin: How excited are you to bring back Beers and Bears?

Shane: Hey Robin, I’m sooo excited to bring this party back. It’s rare when all the chemistry comes together to create a truly epic party. It’s not just about the DJ’s, the entertainment, or even the venue. It’s the people that come to the party that make all those things work together so well.

What’s changed from last time?

Well we have changed quite a bit. The venue has been been renovated and we have an amazing new lighting show and a brand new sound system that you can feel in your bones. Also, just as before I’m still feeding my Bears. We used to serve pizza but now we are serving free sliders and chicken wings.

Why is Beers and Bears so unique?

This goes back to what I was saying before. It’s the people that come to the party. It’s kinda like a big bear family reunion. This party doesn’t have the clicks or attitude a lot of other parties have. It’s a Thursday evening happy hour that can quickly escalate to a full blown club experience. Depending on your mood you can grab a cocktail and enjoy hanging with friends on our beautiful patio or you can go to the dance floor and dance the night a way.

We hear you have a special guest for Pride? Tell us everything!

I’m still pinching myself, haha! Super Star DJ HEX Héctor has agreed to do our Thursday World Pride party on June 27th. He’s bringing back some of his early 90’s sounds as well as some new ones.

What’s your hope for the future of Beers and Bears?

The Bear community needs a weekly party like this. I want to bring in some amazing new talent and use this party as an experimental music venue. Not just mega star DJ’s but also new break through artists.

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