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Bedroom and Beachwear from Big Buoy Club!

As the winter chill sets in a lot of us are longing for the warmth and relaxation of a beachside getaway. And if you’re like me, it’s a nightmare finding swimwear that looks good and fits well.

That’s where Big Buoy Club comes in! They are well aware of the pitfalls of internet shopping and the wild range of fits utilized across brands. In order to take the guesswork out for bigger guys like me they have personally curated, examined and tried on the products they sell through their site. In addition, instead of selling their garments in letter sizes they have translated them into numeric waist sizes to ensure you are purchasing a garment that will actually fit you.

For the beach they offer swim briefs, swim trunks, rompers and shorts all running up to a 54 inch waist size. I’m at the upper end of their size range but I was ecstatic to find a romper in my size!

They also offer styles for the bedroom including singlets, jock straps, union suits, boxer briefs and workout gear. Whatever floats your boat (pun intended!) up to a 53 inch waist.

As an added incentive they offer FREE shipping on all orders! So, whether heading to the beach or the boudoir, Big Buoy Club has got you covered.

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John Hernandez

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