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Beary gay colorful spring fashion from our favorite brands!

Yes, the cold is still here. But don’t worry, Spring will be here in a few months, bringing flowers, rainbows, butterflies and all things pretty, colorful and GAY! And even if it does rain a lot in the Spring, there just may be a rainbow after the storm — hopefully with a nice pot of gold at the end of it!

So, to get ready for the spring, we’re giving you a cute list of some of the most colorful, flowery, rainbow-y tees and accessories from some of our beary favorite bear apparel brands. Check them out below!

FatMarker “Big Gay Key West” Tee

This Big Gay Key West shirt is available in 6 colors: Black, Red, Orange, Irish Green, Sky, and White!

Purchase the official Big Gay Key West 2023 FatMarker t-shirt, & you’ll receive a 5% discount code to use towards the purchase of your Big Gay Key West event package. Discount code will be emailed to you separately after your purchase. 5% discount cannot be applied to event packages already purchased.

For information about event packages, event dates and all terms and conditions, please visit

Shop HERE!

“Friend of Dorothy”, “Peeing Unicorn” and Other Tees from Bear-Tastic

We are all “Friends of Dorothy”! And if you didn’t know, that means we’re queer as hell! One thing that Bear-Tastic doesn’t have a shortage of is beary queer, colorful tees to choose from. Take your pic, because Bear-Tastic is giving you all you need to be a queer Bear! YAAASS! I mean — WOOF!

Shop HERE!

“Let’s Share”, “Pool Bear” and Other Tees from Wear Bear Apparel

Wear Bear Apparel has some of the cutest Bear Tee’s you ever did see! And what says spring better than sharing an ice cream in the park with your unicorn?

Shop HERE!

“WATERMELONSUGAR”, “HUNKY HERMAN, “PROUD BEARS” and Other Tees from Cub and Bare

If you’re looking for colors, then look no further than Cub and Bare! They have ALL the colors that bring ALL the Daddies and boys to the yard. So, when it gets hot, grab a milkshake, put on a colorful, sexy Cub and Bare tee, and take your boy to the park. Later on, he may just make Daddy GROWL!

Shop HERE!

“Rainbow Bear”, “Tartan Bear” and Other Tees from Bears United

Bears United loves to promote diversity! Bears United brings us all together with fashion and inclusion, and we all love a splash of color in our wardrobe!

Shop HERE!

“UBY Outline Royal Blue” and “Skull T-Shirt” from UnderBear

UnderBear doesn’t just do underwear. Check out their nice selection of Tees! If you like bright colors, then the UBY Outline Royal Blue Tee and the Skull T-Shirt might be right up your alley!

Shop HERE!

“Go Queers”, “Wake N Bake Rainbow” and Other Tees from YEAHBUZZY

YEAHBUZZY is what all the cool, trendy hipster Bears go for! So there should be no question why they have a “Wake N Bake Rainbow” Tee. We love waking, baking, flipping and tossing, and YEAHBUZZY has something for every type of Bear.

Shop HERE!

“More Pain, More Gain” and Mesh Crop Tops from Big Buoy Club

When it starts to get hot, Big Buoy Club makes it even HOTTER! Who wouldn’t want to se a sexy, hairy Bear in a skimpy mesh crop top? And if that isn’t your speed, just go for a cool, colorful tee. No pain, no gain!

Shop HERE!

“Gummy Bears”, “Merbear”, Hooded Crop Tops and Other Coloful Apparel from MISTR BEAR

Mistr Bear doesn’t just serve sexy fetish gear. They also serve sexy anytime gear! Wearing a jockstrap in the daytime to a park in the spring may get you handcuffed (unless you like that sort of thing), but why not just wear a sexy crop top and a pair of Hoochie Daddy shorts instead? And if showing off your hairy belly in a crop top insn’t your thing, opt for a tank top instead. You want to AT LEAST show off those biceps, right?

Shop HERE!

Colorful Kaftans and Short Sets from Kaftko

Colorful should be Kaftko‘s last name! These non-gendered kaftans are all the rage. And they don’t just sell kaftans, but check out some of those beary fashionable shirt and short sets!

Shop HERE!

All the Fierce, Sassy, Rainbow-colored Clack Fans from The Gay Fan Club

The Gay Fan Club, created by Matt Curtis and based out of Austin, Texas, ALWAYS serves rainbow fierceness with their clack fans. And everyone knows that the perfect sassy addition to any outfit is a fan that goes CLACK! It’s literally the background soundtrack to any Pride festival!

Shop HERE!

Gorgeous Rainbow Bracelets from RCrew

If you talk to any fashion stylist, one of their top tips is accessorize! Sometimes wear a few things, or many, but wear some! Which is why we love the new range of bracelets anyone and everyone can wear from RCrew. They are great accessories which also showcase who you might be in the queer spectrum.

Shop HERE!

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