Beary Festive Holiday Playlist: Benjamin Koll’s ‘It’s Christmas Eve’

Benjamin Koll is serving us Santa vibes in a song he released back in Christmas of 2020, entitled “It’s Christmas Eve!”

After such a long, arduous year 2020, beary singer Benjamin Koll gave us a jolly, friendly song to warm us up for the Holiday season. The track, entitled “It’s Christmas Eve”, channels a little bit of retro Holiday goodness, which is why it’s always a good track to add to your Holiday playlists!

I wrote this Christmas Carol to celebrate friendship, love, those who are no longer here and our chosen families, in hopes of a better future for all.

Benjamin Koll

Koll states: “I used to hate Christmas. Did that for years, most of all after my grandparents passed away. I used to hate it because I was always somehow reminded by my ‘real’ family that I didn’t belong, that I was someone who they were ashamed of, simply because I was gay.”

“Maybe it was the uncomfortable silence when everyone else talked about their lives, and I just couldn’t because I didn’t want to see that look on their faces again. Maybe it was because the songs they sang and the images they shared only painted out again and again a society were I was not represented. That made me be depressed many times, grumpy or just longing to be isolated and numb from all those celebrations until January.”

“That was until I found my first gay true friend, a lovely fellow almost 20 years older than me. He introduced me to his friends and for the first time I began to feel accepted. That warmth, the approving look in their eyes, made me feel I belonged for the first time. and they told me about something I had never thought of: Our chosen families.”

The new single is available on all streaming and download services!

Check out the audio video on YouTube below! You may even see a few familiar faces!

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