Beary Festive Holiday Gift List: Clothing and Accessories

Well, it’s that time of year again, and we know you may be looking for something to make that special bear of yours feel extra special. So, we’ve compiled a list of items from some of our favorite brands, just to give you some great gift ideas. 

First up: Clothing and Accessories!


FatMarker has all types of wintery Holiday items to choose from, including beanies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, long-sleeved t-shirts, and hoodies!

Check out their selection, and make your selection today!


If there’s one sight that will every fantastic Holiday gifts options, it’s Bear-Tastic. They have t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, accessories and even TEDDY BEARS… with every type of cheeky slogan you can imagine!

Check them out today!

Cub and Bare

Be a HO HO HO for the Holiday, with Cub and Bare‘s GINGERBRED man Tanks, Shirts, Socks and Accessories. Also check out their DADDY CLAUS ALL OVER Printed Tank Top and Sexy Ugly Sweater!

BE a HO HO HO this Holiday season with Cub and Bare by checking them out today!

Bears United

We love diversity, and that’s why we love Bears United anytime of year! With options like the Afro Bear shirts, sweatshirts and Accessories, is serving us true representation, and we love to see it!

Check out all the Bear representation at Bears United!

Wear Bear Apparel

Wear Bear definitely has those cute and cheeky shirts to keep your Bear… Cute and cheeky. They have tons of styles to choose from. Look through and see what cute and fun message you may want to put out this Holiday season!

Check out Wear Bear’s many options!

Urban Bear Culture

They do it for the culture! Born in 2022 in Berlin, Urban Bear Culture is dedicated to the bear community by providing very stylish t-shirts with comfort and quality to their bear brothers. Their concept is derived from the fact that many bears have less choices, and are forced to wear oversized t-shirts that don’t provide nice designs or proper fits. What better gift to give your bear this Holiday than a shirt you know will fit him JUST RIGHT?

Check out what Urban Bear Culture has to offer!

The Gay Fan Club 

Make it CLACK this Holiday season! The Gay Fan Club has all the sassy, cheeky, flirty fans you can think of! If you want to get a message across to your nosey aunties from the other side of the Christmas dinner table, or tell your rude, annoying neighbors to F right off with the best Holiday spirit ever, do it with The Gay Fan Club.

Check out what sassy, classy, CLACKY fans they have to offer!

The Tee Service on Etsy

Just because it’s the Holiday season doesn’t mean it’s time to not speak up about what matters! In fact, it’s the perfect time, and The Tee Service on Etsy can help. If you want to make a statement at your family dinner, then why not make it with a “SAY GAY” or “#AGEISMSUCKS” t-shirt, bag or accessory?

You can find The Tee Service on Etsy at, or via! We promise, you’ll start a great conversation at dinner.


And just like making a statement, the Holidays are also still the perfect time to wear your Pride. No matter how you identify, RCrew has a bracelet for you!

Check out what they have to offer!


YEAHBUZZY (formerly known as ABETTERBUZZ), is serving you their Ralphie’s All Grown-Up Hoodie, and their trendy, fashionable Fall 2022 Longsleeves! — Along with a few other trendy colorful options, including beanies and socks! If your Bear is stylish and trendy, then ATL-based YEAHBUZZY is the way to go.

Check them out!

Cheeky Bear 

Cheeky Bear is a new bear apparel brand created and run by Diego Larenas and Oscar Juarez. The brand features a small but growing assortment of prints, offering fun, flirty, and dare we say…cheeky… t-shirt designs in sizes M-6XL, hats and other accesories! I mean, how much more could you ask for this Holiday season?

Check out what they have to offer!

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