BearWatch: NYC-Based Musician Souvenir is here to Claim 2023

The ever-so-handsome NYC-based musician Souvenir killed 2022, but is here to claim 2023 as his next victim.

Souvenir’s music is a unique brand of synth pop magic- the Brooklyn-based 27 year old seeks to effortlessly reference the classic sounds he was raised on, while his millennial/Gen Z cusp sensibilities keep him proudly tuned in to the current pop frequencies. The result is an infectious testament to youth, heartbreak, and the modern queer experience, scored by sweeps and hooks fit for a queen (Carly Rae Jepsen).

Souvenir’s heartbeat is synced with that of the east coast- from a small town on Cape Cod, to music school in Miami, to now being a true New York City Boy. With his brand new EP “HUMAN NATURE” produced by FLORIO out September 30, 2022, Souvenir is forging his own path with the unshakable optimism of a true double Sag, to mine his share of pop euphoria.

I had the privilege of interviewing Souvenir about his music and how he got started, check it out below!

Bryce Quartz: Hey there, Souvenir, how are you doing today? 

Souvenir: I’m great! I just made it home for Christmas, currently cuddling my family dog and watching the snow fall! 

BQ: How long have you been making music?

S: I’ve been singing and performing since I could talk, and even used to “write songs” as a little kid too. But high school was when I got more serious with lessons, summer programs, etc. And then I studied pop songwriting and contemporary voice in college, which is really where Souvenir was born!

BQ: What are some of your favorite songs in your discography thus far?

S: I think “Dial Tone” has always been a special one for me. I wrote it 5 years ago, have played it at almost every show I’ve done since then, and finally released the official recorded version this year. So it’s been a fan favorite for a while I’d say. Also releasing “Human Nature” and “What You Like” this year, those feel like my favorites to show who I really am as an artist today.

BQ: What are the vibes typically like during your writing and studio sessions?

S: I’m super lucky to have an incredible producer/collaborator/friend Dominic Florio (professionally, FLORIO). All the songs on “Human Nature” were songs I had written alone over the last few years, mostly during lockdown, and bringing them to Dom he realized them in all the right ways. However, all of our UNRELEASED songs have been co-writes, which was such an exciting new process for me to create IN the studio, playing with sounds and vocal samples and just letting the ideas flow. I think that really evolved my songwriting.

BQ: You recently released an EP titled “Human Nature,” can you tell us a little bit about how you came up with the concept for this project?

S: Well I wrote the song “Human Nature” during lockdown, when I was desperately craving human connection and missing all my friends. I think all these songs relate in some way to that innate desire to be loved and accepted. I also write a lot about my own flaws and imperfections, so even though most of the music is fun and upbeat, a lot of the lyrics have a very honest, personal tone. Human Nature is a reintroduction to who Souvenir is, my joy and my insecurity and of course, all my universal boy problems! Lol

BQ: What can we expect next from you?

S: I’ve got a fantastic band here in NY so definitely more shows! And definitely more music releases. My producer and I have 6 songs already in the oven, all co-writes. I think they all build on the foundation of Human Nature but also push my sound into newer pop territory. I can’t wait to share them all soon 😉

BQ: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Souvenir!

Be sure to check out Souvenir’s music on all streaming platforms now, and follow him on social media below to keep up to date with what’s next for him!

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