BearWatch: International DJ and Pup Simone Bellintani

We recently had a chat with international DJ and pup Simone Bellintani, AKA Pup Eros, about his music background, some of the many places he’s worked, and how he got into Pup Play. 

Kyle Jackson: Can you give me some background on you? Where are you from and when did you develop a passion for music? 

Simone Bellintani: I was born in Verbania, Italy. I have always been into music, and at the age of 14 I started to develop a deep passion for music. I began to turn my first vinyls at this age, and now at 33 I’m still doing it!

KJ: What are your favorite genres of music?

SB: I love everything from Techno to Pregressive House. 

KJ: Where have you DJ’d and what are some of your favorite places to DJ?

SB: Well, as I stated earlier, I started spinning vinyl at 14. But I wasn’t able to really enter the scene until I got older. Once I became of age, I started working in the local clubs, and at the age of 25 I entered the LGBTQ circuit, and was a resident DJ at Gorillas Party for 4 years. I also started working at some of the best Italian and Swiss clubs, including Amnesia, Rolling Stones, De Sade, Cafè Atlantique, The WALL, and Magazzini Generali in Milan, and Vanilla Club in Switzerland. 

I’ve also worked at some of the best European dance parties and club nights, including Infinita in Madrid, Bear Festival in Barcelona, Beef in Tel Aviv, XXL in London, Brut in London, Sauna Macho in Bruxelles, Depot in Paris, Botox Afterhours in Milan, Frutta & Verdura Afterhours in Rome, Men2Men in Rome, Pitbull in Vienna, Barcelona Bear Pride, Cologne Bear Pride, Funhouse by Rapido in Amsterdam, DADDi in Dublin, Pride Village in Padova, Revelation in Bruxelles, where I was a resident DJ for 1 year, and many, many others. 

I’ve also worked alongside such artists as Radioslave, Anja Schneider and many others. 

KJ: What are you working on now?

SB: Now I am the resident DJ of the COX Italy party, and of the summer seasons signed by BarCox, which you can listen to abroad from its web channels. I also recently launched my own line of pup clothing through Bear-Tastic

KJ: You seem to have a strong fetish appearance, often dressing in leather, pup gear and harnesses in many of my DJ photos. How did you get into Pup Play?

SB: My puppy experience started three years ago in one of my travels for work as a DJ. I went to Germany, where there were many puppies, and this attracted me to it a lot. Because I have a lot of insecurity problems, putting a mask on, for me, helps to put a veil over my true identity, allowing me to really get in the pup space.

KJ: Where can we hear your music?

SB: You can hear my mixes by following me on SoundCloud. There you can also hear my DARK ROOM Podcast. 

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