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New York-based queer-focused record label Royal Advisor Records (RAR) has released a new remix of DJ Lorant’s collaboration with the Illustrious Blacks. The single, entitled “Delusions of Grandeur (DJ Morsy remix)”, is part of a string of remixes to be released this year in celebration of Royal Advisor Records’ tenth anniversary (#RAR10). 

Born in Istanbul and raised in New York City, self-taught DJ and music producer DJ Lorant began his music career working for dance music hit factory Twisted Records, which was home to such artists as Funky Green Dogs, Yoko Ono, and Tom Stephan, just to name a few. 

The very first time Lorant played for a crowd was in an open turntable competition at The Stonewall Inn, which he won. Not long after, Lorant began opening for DJ Danny Tenaglia at Club Vinyl, and again when the venue was renamed Arc. 

During this time, Lorant was also playing at G Lounge (now Rebar), in addition to playing other gigs. However, as Lorant began to dive more into learning music production, things began to slow down a bit. It was at this time that Lorant started to prepare for the launch of his own label, Royal Advisor Records (RAR). 

“RAR started many years after I worked at Twisted, but my experience there was definitely the root of wanting to launch my own label,” says Lorant. 

What sets RAR apart from other dance labels is that I wanted my artists to have an image and a presence in the community, rather than being faceless people who put out random tracks. Our motto is: Celebrating community through the liberating power of dance music.

DJ Lorant

Lorant founded RAR in 2010 to provide an open space for queer artists and allies to develop fresh, original work to express their unique visions. RAR is now celebrating a decade of dance music, parties, remixes, and community. 

In the last 10 years, RAR has gained a reputation for its innovative collaborations with artists such as Will Sheridan, AB Soto, The Illustrious Blacks, SAMN, and Sappho’s Journey. Producers Morsy, Sri Rao, Trulyors, and Larry Rocca, who are avid supporters of the LGBTQ community, have also released work under the imprint.

This past September, DJ Lorant released his single “More Freedom”, featuring Layonne Holmes. “’More Freedom’ means we don’t have to stop growing mentally, physically, or emotionally. We are always allowed more knowledge and happiness.” 

London-based electronic artist Tareq, recently released his new single on RAR, entitled “One” — a song about love lost, re-imagined as a chase scene. “One” is available for purchase through iTunes, Beatport, and Bandcamp, as well as streaming services Apple Music and Spotify.

#RAR10 will kick off with the introduction of Tareq and continue throughout 2020 with parties, remixes of the label’s staple tracks, and new hits. The official #RAR10 party will be held in July.  

In addition to producing, Lorant also plays at NYC’s infamous Cock Bar on rotating Tuesdays, as well as at NYC’s Rockbar in the West Village for the Rockstrap party — which has become the venue’s busiest night of the month, promoting body positivity and acceptance. 

He also plays regularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he also DJ’ed the Folsom Street weekend opening party at Powerhouse and the festival closing party at The Stud. In May, he will travel to London to play at the Beefmince party for the first time. 

Lorant has also worked with numerous other artists on upcoming projects, including rapper eDDIE WAYNe’s upcoming single “Pompeii”, “BitchWitch” by drag artist Thee Suburbia, and “Dark Shadows” by singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger. “I’m also working on my next single, which I hope to have out sometime in June”, says Lorant. 

This is a big year for DJ Lorant and Royal Advisor Records! We can’t wait to see what else is in store! 

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