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Bears in Business: TWO BEARS graphic + craftsmanship, Russian bear fashion

‘TWO BEARS graphic + craftsmanship represents clothing and accessories inspired by the bold subculture of bears, street art and big city life. 

The concept started with the experimental cooperation of Mikhail Kotov, an artist, and Vitaly Shkrygunov, a craftsman. The search for a balance between graphic concepts and practical construction of the clothes initially resulted in the creation of unusual clothes, but also in the open confrontation between the two masters. That’s why in 2012 two rival bears appeared on the logo of the brand. Their struggle reflects the rival of art and craft in creating clothing and accessories by TWO BEARS.

In two years, the unique partnership of the artist and the craftsman gave TWO BEARS its recognizable features and character. The clothing collections appeared in magazines, news broadcasts and gained popularity on social media.

When we asked Mikhail and Vitaly what the TWO BEARS mission is, this what they had to say:

“Our mission is to create high-quality and affordable goods for people who are proud of their uniqueness and are about to emphasize it with clothes. We don’t aim to be pretentious, just to create comfortable everyday clothes. We participate in the life of the bear community and implement its ideas in our design.”

All clothing and accessories by TWO BEARS are designed, printed and made in Southern Russia. Each collection is made in small amounts, so it allows the boys to track each stage of manufacture and approach the details with care.  

The TWO BEARS make a diverse range of items including t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, jackets, trousers, shorts, accessories and kilts. The guys aim to ensure that regardless which collection you purchase from, the items will all compliment each other if you mix and match. 

Due to the restrictions on and treatment of LGBT people in the Russian Federation, the sale of goods is not an easy process for TWO BEARS. However, you can browse their collections on the TWO BEARS Instagram or Facebook page and then message them direct who will take your order details and invite you to pay securely with PayPal. 

Check out our pick of some of our favorite items:

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  • I welcome this revival of…Arts&Crafts movement.Here in modern clothing. A very creative duet and I am sure that all Bear World Magazine community will like their unique production and support them by placing orders.
    Welcome to the World stage, guys!!

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