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Lothian Sawers

It’s no secret that we get to try out many different beard products, and there’s only been a couple that I didn’t like. With some it can be bad packaging (a rusty tin!!) or a lotion so strong with chemicals that I nearly chocked when trying it out! Needless to say they never made it to our pages!

But this lovely brand is simple in packaging, and has light tones so you don’t feel overwhelmed, just taken care of! For The Bearded has been set up by  Lester Lothian Sawers  who is from Los Angeles.  We caught up with him recently and asked him how it all got started.

David Goodman: What made you start making beard products?

Lester Lothian Sawers: The reason I started making beard products was because I had a few friends asking me what would be good to use in their beards. Since I went to cosmetology school I learned what types of things are good for your hair and skin. I utilized my training so that I could come up with something that would work. After the first few batches that I sent out as samples I began to notice that they weren’t consistent. The oils would separate and wax would melt. So I decided to contact a cosmetics lab and we got together to work on and refine what I had started. Now I am proud to present a top quality product and a very low cost.

IMG_6320 (2)DG: What does it all contain?

LLS: Our Conditioning Cream and Beard Wax contain a lot of the same base ingredients. Shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, Sunflower seed oil, Aloe, and a variety of other hair softening and skin moisturizing ingredients.

Our Beard Oil is different from any oil you’ve seen on the market. We use vegetable glycerin instead of the usual base oils like olive oil, vitamin e and jojoba. It does contain those oils but not as much as the other guys. It will leave your beard looking and feeling great without the greasy or oily feeling. It also comes in a very easy to use squeeze bottle instead of the usual cumbersome droppers.

DG: Where can we buy it?

LLS: You can purchase our product online at or if you are in the Palm Springs area you can pick some up at Bear Wear. We also are out at Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles once a month.

DG; Can a reader get free samples?

LLS: We currently don’t have any free samples but we do have Sample Packs that can be purchased for $5 on our website. They come in two different scents and each one comes with a sample size of cream, oil and wax. It also ships for free anywhere in the US.

DG: Will you be at any events where people can come and meet you?

LLS; This year I will be at Tidal Wave in Orlando. I’ll most likely have a few samples and promo codes to give out there.

DG: Any new products coming?

LLS: We are actually working on a few new scents and hope to have them out this fall. We are also trying to get some more t-shirts made with some fun patterns and colors.



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