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Bears in Business… Jerome Stueart

Jerome Stueart is a bear you might know from seeing his artwork!

But he has a colorful background that has seen him work as a trolley conductor, a vaudevillian for the Frantic Follies, an interpreter for the Beringia Centre, the Yukon’s Ice Age museum, and Marketing Director and Development Coordinator for the Yukon Arts Centre. He also writes fiction, memoir, science fiction and fantasy, often through a queer perspective, as well as other art and concepts.

He has created art around Yukon Cornelious, that loveable ginger bear we all know and love, as well as creating stories or thought pieces to go with the art too. If you are on his Patreon, he regularly sends new work, or reframes older work with his current thoughts and ideas.

This makes for one of the most engaging art patreons I have seen, and it is always a delight to receive the new messages. Here are some of his works, that take the Cornelious we are familiar with and sets him in new settings and ideas.

Yukon Cornelius tries to avoid the Black Dog of Death:

 “And ten minutes into relaxing in the water, it showed up again, crossing through the trees behind me. I decided to let it do what it was going to do. I wasn’t exactly in a place to run or defend myself.  Some black dogs are unavoidable.”
  Yukon Cornelius meets the Mothmen  

Here is an extract from Jerome’s thoughts about the Bedroom and the Supernatural as depicted here with Cornelious and the Mothmen:

“Why is it that, in movies, supernatural entities all seem to have a key to every balcony door and bedroom window? The strange things enter in through windows of the bedroom–whether it is Dracula at the balcony of Mina’s bedroom, or Frankenstein entering through the balcony to kill Victor’s wife, or George Hamilton’s Dracula in the 70s alighting on Susan St. James’ balcony saying with a sly smile as the breeze pushes the curtains away, “With you, never a quickie. Always a longie.” It is the beating on the bedroom window of the gnarly tree in Poltergeist, the giant vulture who brings a cage every night to the balcony of Andromeda to carry her away to see Calibos in Clash of the Titans, The Snowman coming to take James on a magical flight to the Arctic, Romeo climbing up to see Juliet, Aladdin alighting on Jasmine’s balcony, Salem Lot’s child at the window, Phantom of the Opera, Peter Pan, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.”

(To read more, head to, where his artwork and other books are for sale too!)

Another string to Jerome’s bow is that he is also a Tarot Reader. Now before I agreed to talk about this part of Jerome’s work, I purchased a reading. It’s something I do rarely. But, I have had good and bad readings before, and if I am going to promote readings, I felt I should experience one.

I have to say Jerome is friendly and welcoming. It was over zoom, so it was easy to fit into my schedule. He’s also very affordable, compared to many commercial Tarot Readers out there.

All I can say is, for me, Jerome was spot on, and gave me some great guidance — It helped me see where things are at for me professionally in a great way! So, I whole heartedly recommend him. If Tarot Readings are not for you, then maybe you could buy a gift certificate for one for a friend!

Just head HERE to book your reading or purchase a certificate.

Head to to book for yourself or purchase gift certificates!

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