Bears and Tantric Sex

The only bear festival on tantric sex in the world is happening from March 6-14, 2024 in Gran Canaria (Spain), roughly coinciding with Bear Carnival, and we’ve got all the exclusive details!

We recently informed you about Bear Carnival,  Europe’s largest programme for bears and admirers, which happens in Gran Canaria every March. This year’s edition is breaking several records, one of them being a event count of 63 (!) parties and get-togethers, from massive to niche, across a two-week schedule. The programme includes several signature events not to be found elsewhere, and today we are bringing you an exclusive report on their most unique offering yet: “The Tantra Sessions. It’s so unique, in fact, that it requires some background. Take a deep breath, this is gonna get intense.

Today’s gay dating and cruising scene can probably be summarized in just six acts: meet – arouse – penetrate – ejaculate – rest – repeat. There is nothing wrong about that of course, but once you reach a certain maturity, this fast sex loop can sometimes lead you to a sense of emptiness. Some questions arise, like… Is this all gay sex can offer? Are we maybe missing something?

Well, the truth is, we just might be. Ancient Indians knew one or two things about eroticism. You have probably heard about Kama Sutra, Ayurveda aphrodisiacs and Tantric sex. But I bet you’ve never heard about a whole bear festival devoted to the latter, have you?

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“The Tantra Sessions”, the only one of its kind, is a set of five events and workshops exploring self-awareness, self-love, and male bonding at a completely new level. It has been organized by Bear Carnival for the third year in a row, as a parallel schedule to their renowned bear week in Gran Canaria. Bear Carnival’s experienced Tantra therapists (Patrick Emmanuel from Germany and Jesse Elkins from the USA), will be on hand to guide individual bears, couples and groups into a profound state of relaxation and sensory elevation. All this is achieved by using touch, body contact, and male-to-male erotic massage aimed at enhancing the depth and intensity of your loving encounters. In addition, Tantra therapy is known for alleviating sexual and emotional barriers related to close intimacy and self-acceptance which is commonly experienced by gay men, particularly in the bear community; so participants should be prepared for that as well.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? However, the sensations emerging from a men-only tantra workshop are quite difficult to explain with words alone. That’s why Bear Carnival has just released a short video with real images from therapy sessions, trying to convey the sheer emotions happening during and after their sessions. It is suggestively named “Unearth your Loving Power”, and it’s quite frankly one of the most beautiful and engaging videos we have recently seen. Even better, it only takes one minute and a half to watch:


All tantra sessions take place at Aya House, a secluded mountain retreat only 10 minutes from Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), the beach resort where the bear week takes place. It is a fully clothing-optional rural property featuring extensive landscaped areas with sunbeds and Balinese beds, a huge roofed outdoor hot tub, an indoor group play area, super king-size beds, private bathrooms for all guests, and a 100 sq mt workshop studio where all the magic happens.


Attendees of Bear Carnival can attend any, several, or all of the following events, with no additional requirements. The main event, however, is a full retreat scheduled for three days/two nights. This is later followed by smaller 3-hour workshops throughout bear week. Prices are all-inclusive (bus, drinks and food/accommodation when applicable) all amounting to a fraction of the usual prices for similar experiences elsewhere.

  • MARCH 6-8, Main event: Bear Wellness (from 245 €): a full programme on emotional healing and brotherly intimacy. It features seven workshops on relevant topics from embodiment, naked yoga and healthy food to erotic massage and tantric sex. 
  • MARCH 11 (morning): Level 1 workshop (79 €). An introduction on erotic massage for bears, focusing on the back side. Complimentary healthy lunch.
  • MARCH 11 (afternoon): Level 2 workshop (79 €). A more intense experience, focusing on the front side.
  • MARCH 12 (afternoon): Naked Yoga (79 €). A cooldown before the intense eroticism of Level 3, and a perfect first contact with embodiment techniques.
  • MARCH 14 (afternoon): Level 3 workshop (79 €). Full exploration on deep tantric intimacy, beyond mere physicality.


Bear Carnival offers extensive event information on their website. Please visit for full details. There are still tickets available for all workshops at the time of this writing, though they are expected to start selling out soon.

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