Bear World Playlist Top 22 of ’22 – Vote Now!

It’s end-of-year poll time! Now well into its second year, the Bear World Playlist on Spotify is home to the latest releases by bear artists and their brethren. Updated fortnightly and curated by Homer Marrs, the playlist is your source for new ear candy from woof-tastic artists both indie and mainstream.

Now it’s time to vote for your faves! Below is a link to a poll comprising songs released in 2022 that were featured on the Bear World Playlist. Since there were over 200 tracks rotated in and out, we’ve simplified things by limiting it to just one track per artist, with some exceptions for collaborations and features.

You can vote once per day for as many songs as you like. From A.P. Harbor to Zee Machine, songs are listed alphabetically by artist name. Listen to all the eligible titles here or in the player below.

Spread the word and help your favorite ursine song-makers get noticed. Voting is open now through December 28th, and the top 22 will be announced on New Year’s Eve.

Top 22 of ’22 Playlist

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  • What a great sound! Paul really puts his soul in this one!

  • Love this song!

  • He is very hot good looking

  • What a great voice Paul Middleton has …10/10

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