Bear World Playlist Featured Artist: YawnyBlew

This week’s Bear World Playlist Featured Artist is YawnyBlew!

Song on Playlist: “R.I.P. – amir. Remix”

Current City: Los Angeles, California

Hometown: Bronx, NY 

Bear World Magazine: What can you tell us about the song?

YawnyBlew: “R.I.P” is a song about longing and heartache. It’s inspired by the dark places we go when we miss someone, and the desire to have them back even if the relationship is not good for you. The original was produced by Sean Hamilton and recorded in the home of Rodney Jerkins during a writing camp we did in 2017. It was eventually pitched to The Weeknd and then short listed for NBC’s Songland before I decided to keep it for my album. 

This remix was produced by amir. aka Tarik Carrol who is a phenomenal creative force out of New York. We met on Instagram, where I had initially followed him because of his photography work. I then found out he was also a producer. I’ve been doing remixes for all of my releases as a way to connect with other queer talent in my network and “R.I.P” offered us a chance to collaborate. He loved the song so much he produced 2 remixes which we released on 11/15 and 11/19. A third remix by the super talented SADBOYMUSIC also dropped on 11/29. 

BWM: When you go out to a bar or club, what do you hope to see/hear? 

YB: Man, once upon a time I loved loud music and dancing but now I just like to sit in a corner with a drink and people watch. And if there’s a screen somewhere close, I am staring at it. (laughs) Even if it’s repeating the same thing over and over again. COVID definitely solidified my transition into an introvert, but I super enjoy it. 

BWM: What’s something you find incredibly attractive in a guy?

YB: What I find incredibly attractive in a guy is a nice beard and smile. That’s always first. Beyond that, anyone that does not take themselves too seriously. It’s super disarming and charming when you meet guys who are having fun and enjoying themselves with no persona. Self-confidence is super attractive. 

BWM: What’s a song by a bear artist you can listen to over and over?

YB: DDM’s “Stop My Bag” is anthem and how I start just about every day, so I have to start there. We also did a remix together for my song “EvRyDay Evry Nite” that I listen to regularly. Amir. Released an amazing EP called Reflektive that I love, especially the title track. Homer Marrs’s “Sistinas” was my first introduction to him and still my favorite song of his. Honorable mentions to Big Dipper, Bryce Quartz and Toño, who have all found themselves on my heavy rotation at one point or another this year. 

BWM: What can we expect from you in 2022, and what are you most excited about?

YB: In 2022 I’ll be dropping my debut album Midnight In Brooklyn. I’ve also got a web-series premiering next year called Valley’d written by and starring myself and my frequent collaborator Chris Jackson. I’d love to do more shows as well, release cooler merch, and continue to connect with people through music. 

What I am most excited for is my work as a songwriter. It is my first love, and I’ve got some amazing things coming out in 2022 courtesy of some of the artists I’ve been building with. 

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