‘Bear With Us Gurrrl’ gets psychic with Roy Tomko!

Psychic and spiritual medium Roy Tomko visits ‘Bear With Us Gurrrl!’

Hosted by fabulous on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez and sexy JustFor.Fans favorite Teddy Bear, Bear with Us, Gurrrl! is a new podcast where the Bears discuss it ALL — everything happening in the LGBTQ community and beyond, from the bear perspective! Presented by Cybersocket.com and Bear World Magazine, this podcast is not to be missed! 

In this episode, hosts Teddy Bear and Alexander Rodriguez chat with psychic and spiritual medium Roy Tomko about the after life, angels, pets in the spiritual world, enhancing psychic abilities, and communicating with loved ones who have passed. Along with this, they discuss sprituality vs religion, the drag culture in the psychic world, de ja vu, connecting with your spiritual guides and more. Roy even pulls Oracle cards for the hosts!

In addition, they discuss this week’s hot topic: Should influencers expect things for free?

About Roy Tomko

Roy Tomko is a gifted psychic and spirit medium who grew up in New Jersey. He has sensed the spirit world for as long as he can remember, and has always been aware of this gift. However, it was not until recent major shifts in the world (COVID19) that inspired Roy to focus his gift to help others connect with spirit. 

Roy provides mediumship and psychic readings via Zoom and other video call methods to help sitters connect to the spirit realm. His spiritual gifts allow him to connect to clients’ loved ones who have crossed over. Roy provides healing messages and evidence from the spirit world. He creates a safe and comfortable environment for those seeking guidance from the other side. 

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