‘Bear With Us, Gurrrl’: Big Dipper gets real about being a Bear

Big, hairy queer rapper Big Dipper drops in on this week’s ‘Bear With Us, Gurrrl!’

Hosted by fabulous on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez and sexy JustFor.Fans favorite Teddy Bear, Bear with Us, Gurrrl! is a new podcast where the Bears discuss it ALL — everything happening in the LGBTQ community and beyond, from the bear perspective! Presented by Cybersocket.com and Bear World Magazine, this podcast is not to be missed! 

In this episode, they have a very honest and opinionated chat with rapper Big Dipper about his experiences with the Bear community, coming out, and sexuality in the gay community. They also talk about taking off their shirts in public, the pros and cons of chubby chasers, insecurities of go-go boys, body positivity versus reality, going gay versus going mainstream, the future of inclusivity, and much more!

About Big Dipper

Big Dipper is a big hairy gay rapper known for his playful lyrics and raunchy music videos. He has released three EPs, one studio album, a mixtape project and a handful of singles. He has also released over a dozen music video videos on his YouTube channel, including his viral videos for “LaCroix Boi” and “Lookin’.”

Big Dipper has toured his exciting live shows all over the world, and has used his directorial and producing eye to create queer content not only for himself but also your favorite drag queens. On his podcast Sloppy Seconds with Big Dipper and Meatball, his thoughtful and honest interviewing style asks all the most probing questions with comedy, warmth and unmatched vulnerability.  

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