Bear rapper Big Daddy Karsten is doing big things in Norway!

Big Daddy Karsten is doing some real BIG Daddy things!

One of our favorite BIG queer rappers, Big Daddy Karsten announced on Twitter that he was recently made part of the Millennium Exhibit, a permanent installation at the Rockheim Museum in Norway. Rockheim is Norway’s Museum of Popular Music and, as Norway’s only out, queer rapper, BDK has made an indelible mark on Norway’s rap scene. There’s no wonder why he would be included in such a huge display of Norway’s most significant and influential music icons of the past 20 years! YAAAASSSS!


And, if that wasn’t big enough news, it has also been announced that BDK recently recorded the cup final song for Norway’s most-winning Women’s football team, the LSK Kvinner. The hard-hitting, cheeky track entitled “Lillestrøm in the Heart” is right up BDK’s alley, and the perfect song to give the team that much needed motivation to win the cup! 

Photo by Per Heimly

Even though the song is in Norwegian, there’s no doubt that it’s a hot track with a hot beat that can fire you up at the gym or whenever you just need that boost in confidence and motivation.

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Check out “Lillestrøm in the Heart” below on Spotify!

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