Bear Musician V/Terpan Releases New Single

V/Terpan is a London-based Greek bear recording artist. In his four-year career he has released two singles- “Never Love Again” and “Out” in 2019 followed by “Promise” and “The Beast” in 2020. Later that same year he released a 6-track EP album When The Poems Gave Us Life.

In October 2022 he returned with his next EP album titled Sun. Sun was comprised of five songs that brought him closer to his musical roots as he brought out a more raw sound by incorporating more guitars and pianos. Nevertheless, the electronic darkwave element was still present.

Now he’s back with his new single called “The Tide” which is a melancholic electronic ballad that focuses on giving the listener a mesmerizing feeling followed by V/Terpan’s signature poetic lyrical approach. The song is about accomplishment, freedom from bearing other people’s burdens and coming to terms with oneself.

“ My major inspirations for “The Tide” were the sounds of George Michael and Radiohead. I don’t know how one can put these two together but here I am saying I did so. This song feels different to me. I identify with the lyrics on a very deep and personal level. It describes who I am and who I want to be”.

V/Terpan is inspired by a plethora of favorite artists like Queens of the Stone Age, The Doors, Muse, Tindersticks and even Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga.

Check out V/Terpan’s LinkTree to hear his music, watch his videos and follow him on social media.  

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