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Bear Filmmaker Dean DeBlois Receives Third Oscar Nomination

Canadian animator and filmmaker Dean DeBlois has received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film for his work on How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, which is the final installment of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. 

The openly gay and beary handsome DeBlois wrote and directed the coming-of-age story about a young Viking named Hiccup who is now contemplating his future and having to find a new home for his pet dragon, Toothless. 

“It’s nice to have the last installment in the trilogy nominated,” DeBlois said

“When it comes to the Oscars and awards in general, I try not to think about it, otherwise I kind of carry this guilt of representing 400-plus people who worked on the movie. Whenever we get nominated or we lose, with the highs and lows, I feel it personally, because I feel it’s somehow my fault for not taking the prizes for the crew.”

DeBlois has also previously been nominated in 2011 for How to Train Your Dragon, and in 2015 for its sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2. He shares this year’s Best Animated Feature Film Nomination with producers Bonnie Arnold and Bradford Lewis. 

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