Be loud. Be proud. Be too much. Be you with FatMarker this Holiday Season.

FatMarker Clothing is a Florida-based lifestyle brand that FatMarker provides unique and original works of art for the LGBTQ+ community and its supporters, that can be worn on your body or on your walls. Celebrating the Holiday Season, they have an amazing range of festive clothing and are featured on our Christmas cover!

FatMarker emphasizes what they call the “too muchness” in us all. As a company, they embrace the negatives that we’ve each heard throughout our lives… you’re too fat, you’re too loud, you’re too quiet, you’re too weird, and the list goes on… basically, that we’re all too much!

They celebrate all of those things in ourselves and their customers, turning them into positives. That’s why their company motto is: “Be loud. Be proud. Be too much. Be you!”

We are so excited FatMarker are our cover for December 2019. Take a look at their festive clothing, and order some for yourself or someone special.

FatMarker Knit Beanie, $22 – click here

FatMarker ManCakes Unisex Hoodie, $30 – click here

FatMarker Milk & Cookies T-Shirt, $22 – click here

FatMarker Glacier RE T-Shirt, $25 – click here

FatMarker Flip-Flops, $18 – click here

FatMarker Fanny Pack, $30 – click here

Model: Julius Vaughn, Co-Founder, FatMarker Clothing

Photographer/Photo Credits: Kevin Tydlaska

FatMarker Founders: Jason Layman and Julius Vaughn

Shop now online:


Instagram: @fatmarkerclothing

Twitter: @fatmarker

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