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Asian Clothing Brand #arjdbb is Ready to Style Bears Worldwide!

As the international bear scene continues to grow and thrive, we have been thrilled to witness the growth of the Asian bear scene in particular. The region now boasts some of the biggest bear competitions, nightlife and events which had us wondering how the Asian bears out there dressed themselves. Finding inclusive sizing in the West is hard enough but thankfully our Asian bear brothers have #arjdbb to help (and yes, they do ship internationally).

Founded by designer Raymond Teo, #arjdbb is “dedicated to being big, being bold, and being confident – beyond measurements;” certainly a mission statement we can get behind here. Raymond was born in 1982 with muscular dystrophy. And although it still causes him some issues he is in love with his life, his identity and is extremely passionate about his work. #arjdbb is is his second entrepreneurial venture and told us he hopes his story can serve as an inspiration for others. Check out our conversation with him below.

Raymond Teo, founder and designer at #arjdbb

BWM: How old is #arjdbb? Where is it based? Why did you start it? 

Raymond Teo (RT): #arjdbb was established in 2012, so it’s turning 12 this year. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. #arjdbb was started by a brotherhood of friends in the community. We had the skills, audience, and the dream of building a niche clothing brand for the community. It all came together nicely.

BWM: Is there a big market for male plus sized clothing in Malaysia?

RT: Yes indeed, for domestic customers and internationally. #arjdbb doesn’t describe itself as a plus-sized brand, but rather a size-inclusivity brand. We offer a selection for all, in Asian sizes M to 8XL (there is size conversion info on the site for international customers), so everyone in the community should be able to fit the pieces that catch their eyes. This is an important selling point to us. The highest demand normally falls in the middle range of the size chart (2XL-4XL), yet members who are smaller or bigger than that are satisfied, because ‘everyone’ is being cared for.

We have a line that keeps us aligned, ‘Be big, bold and beyond measure’. Big and bold means mostly to be proud and brave because your size doesn’t matter. Why exclude someone when the community is shouting for equality and diversity! Its been a part of our brand’s mission from Day 1.

BWM: Do you envision #arjdbb as a brand for gay bears specifically?

RT: #arjdbb is for everyone, but gay bears are a focus for us. We are looking into different possibilities to expand the audience and styles as we grow but #arjdbb is for everybody.

BWM: Does your brand ship worldwide?

RT: Yes, but not EU countries at the moment. We should have that remedied soon.

BWM: Tell us about your models. How do you pick them?

RT: The models we have been working with are mostly amateur or first-time to models. They are usually friends from social media, who help us deliver the story of our community-based brand. It’s a serious business but getting close and near to the audience is the point. We gathered models mainly amongst Asian countries, but we are hoping to work with potential models from the west too. 

BWM: How do you come up with your designs?

RT: First, I set the scene. Are we hanging out with friends, working out, at a party? I imagine where the customer might be and how they could show confidence with their clothing. Secondly, I’ll incorporate the brand IP. We have ABU, PROUDWEAR, MOBIUSBEAR, and each collection serves different preferences.

For instance, MOBIUSBEAR was a brand-new collection introduced in Oct 2023, which we have been working on for 5 years. The pandemic delayed the launch. This collection is more of a workout line, designed with a monogram, with the focus being more on the materials and cutting, you know, subtle details, whereas PROUDWEAR and ADU are more focused on big prints. 

BWM: What are the fashion trends for big men right now?

RT: Oversized clothes, the selling point of which is to be able to cover up the body shape. But, why cover it up!? What we are moving towards though is simplicity, offering clothing that is long-lasting, versatile and comfortable.

BWM: Where do you get fashion inspiration from?

RT: We learn from different resources, mostly non-fashion, and this is how the magic happens. We are also in the community and close to our audiences and they will always throw us their ideas and needs. That’s really the most important inspiration for a winning product. Working with the manufacturer can always be surprising with their input too. 

BWM: Do you have any style tips for larger men?

RT: We have summer all year long here in Malaysia, it is crucial to get clothing made with the right fabrics. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are excellent choices because it helps to avoid bulky or stiff materials that can add unnecessary volume.

Confidence is the most important style tip, so wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Confidence is the best accessory, and when you feel good, it shows in your style.

Be sure to check out the collections at #arjdbb HERE and their special BroLook Collab HERE. You can also get more information by joining their Facebook Group.

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