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Artistic Mermen in Provincetown

Artistic Mermen in Provincetown, the artists are Samuel Ayer and Clint Howard.  The year 2020 has to date been one of challenges, isolation, reflection and loss.

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Thus our choice of a base color for this year’s collection is black, which has created very dramatic effects using our acrylic paint pouring technique.

We all have someone in our lives who has contracted, been treated and has survived or passed from: COVID 19, cancer, HIV – or who has suffered from one form or another of discrimination.  These themes are proudly addressed in this year’s collection, titled: 

RED,  PRIDE,  BEAR PRIDE and BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.  Each of the 125  8 x 10 inch paintings in our collection is one of a kind. We have also created coordinating necklaces consisting of a black pendant in a heart, square, rectangle or round shape with an attached chain or leather cord.

Additionally, we have incorporated cheerful themes of LAVENDER FLOWER, ORANGE FLOWER, YELLOW FLOWER and EUPHORIA to encourage hopefulness and smiles. Our vision for this new collection of paintings is to represent real connections for people – families, friends, co-workers and communities – and to elicit an emotional response from the heart.

Our creations are available online:

Looking forward to seeing everyone at BEAR WEEK in Ptown 2021!

Please stay happy and healthy!

Samuel & Clint

BWM Staff

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