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Artist Peter Valcarcel brings autumn into your home with these amazing new prints

Artist Peter Valcarcel has a new and nourishing venture that supports creativity and brings it home.

As the seasons change and summer gives way to fall, we look around our homes and realize we will soon be spending more time indoors, and more energy on keeping warm, cozy, and satisfied.

Out thoughts and observations sometimes turn towards our home decor and we often feel like it’s time to go shopping and pick out something — a piece of art, a photo, print, poster or plant to spruce up our surroundings. But what? What would be the perfect piece to usher in the harvest, the changing nature that is all around us, while also being aesthetically pleasing a keeper for our home art collection, no matter how humble that may be?

NOURISH was founded on the intent to support the creative endeavor of others, and to speak to why we create and collect,” reveals Peter Valcarcel. “To bridge the gap between person and object. The why before the what. Through material and the intimacy of making, we express and excavate our experiences of being human. Resolving and uplifting by way of beauty and the creative mind. This is why we create and collect. Our universal language, without words. And this, is why NOURISH exists.”

Peter Valcarcel

As a former interior designer, now artist, Valcarcel believes it is possible to mindfully curate all the aspects of your abode—furniture, painting, jewelry, ceramics, books, food—harmoniously. In addition to prints he also makes rugs, ceramics, and soft furnishings.

“Each of these categories have the same function: to uplift, inform and otherwise bring joy, through the depths of beauty and the creative mind,” he says. “The creative arenas are difficult to manage on one’s own. It is also difficult to bridge the gap between creator and the general public. It is through the community of creators, collectors, and educators that the light is shown upon the benefits of living with and appreciating art, be it a chair or a painting.

“I believe strongly in what the creative mind can do. If we can destroy inadvertently, we can create intently, a better now and future. Through architecture, art, and design we create possibility. This is my hope and intent with NOURISH.”

To that extent, Valcarcel has released a new series of prints perfect for this season. Inspired by pre-Columbian textiles, organic and simple almost primitive shapes, ORGANICS is a collection of nine acrylic paintings on paper that offer a study in repetitious form. The calm and beauty of earth tones and vegetable coloring brings us back to a time of simplicity and basic shape forming letting us know once again that beauty and balance can be find in the most simplest of things.

“As always, my inspiration brings me back to my birthplace. I will always be inspired by the 17 years I spent in Peru and that make me happy, to know that I have not forgotten those mental pictures, to know that I can built on those experience and add to it what I know and what I am now, brings me joy. We must not forget the places where we were happy for happiness for me depends tremendously on our surroundings.”

Visit NOURISH gallery in Brooklyn. Visit Peter Valcarcel here.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Queer Forty, and was written by Merryn Johns.

Merryn Johns

Merryn Johns is the Editor in Chief of Queer Forty. She is an award-winning journalist and public speaker. Originally from Sydney, Australia she has been based in New York City for 15 years, editing and writing for a variety of publications.

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