Artist Joji explores gay love and desire with sexy and sentimental bara art

Joji, a self-taught artist based in Thailand, has gained a significant social media and online following. His work, though sexy, masculine and erotic, also features another side of masculinity not often seen in online homoerotic art.

He creates work that not only depicts the rugged sexiness of the big, hairy, bearded men he and so many of his followers desire, but also uses his unique perspective and the art of subtle storytelling to create endearing characters whose eyes tell stories that are all too familiar to those of us who have ever experienced pain, love or happiness.

Joji recently stated to bunk.,“Many of the pictures I draw are inspired by my feelings, everything from music I listen to, to people I see around every day. I will think of a short story involving all these things, interpret it, and then research inspirational images from the internet and start to draw it out.”  

What’s slightly different from some of the other Bara and Gay Manga seen online today is that Joji’s art leads with the feelings of the characters he creates. These men are sexy, but they are also loving, sentimental, caring, and familiar. Joji explores every aspect of gay love and desire through his art. 

“When I walk and I see a gay couple walking hand in hand, they show love like everybody else. It is beautiful.”

In addition to creating wonderful art online, JoJi has also released a fantastic poster book with removable pages. Buy your copy here.

See more of Joji’s art on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

To buy prints, phone cases and other products, be sure to see visit his RedBubble

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