Anthony interviews globally renowned dance diva Angie Brown

The globally renowned dance diva chats about the highs and lows of her music career and the release of her new single.

In a “lockdown live” interview, I caught up with Angie Brown about her illustrious career which saw her plucked from anonymity and plunged into the limelight overnight with her massive hit, “I’m Gonna Get You.”   

The anthem, a popular dance floor filler in gay clubs around the globe, was to become a trademark for the London-based singer. “You could walk down the road and hear it blasting out of everyone’s cars,” Angie revealed.  However, all was not quite the fairy tale it looked to be, to her many fans. “My man had a record label in his mum’s front room, when the money came in for the record sales, he did a runner”!

However, not to be deterred Angie continued to perform live and in all of the years since her hit in the ’90s there hasn’t been a Saturday night when she hasn’t worked. She is a regular and welcome face at Gay Pride events in addition to her many gigs.  

To ensure her longevity Angie has diversified into DJ-ing and is enjoying her three radio shows in the UK. She has also recently launched a new single, “Higher” with Beyond Therapy X and Echo Fly. Which is no doubt going to be as big a hit as her first tune.

“It ticks all of the boxes, whether you like R&B, or want a big kick-ass vocal, or rave — this tune has it all,” she says. 

Angie also talks about how she is getting through lockdown and how she copes with the highs and lows of life, her trademark humor and wisdom shining through. 

Watch the full interview here: 

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