American rugby player Devin Ibañez comes out in social media posts

American rugby player Devin Ibañez has come out with a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram, joining other out rugby players such as Levi Davis and Dan Palmer. 

“I am openly gay,” Ibañez wrote. “This is something that is not a secret to those close to me and even several people not close to me. But I always felt a need to keep it separate from my rugby career.”

He then goes on to say that he had always wanted to be more open about his sexuality, but fearing that he would jeopardize his relationship with some of his teammates, while also taking attention away from his work as an athlete, he kept silent about it. 

“I always felt a need to keep it separate from my rugby career,” he wrote. “I always came up with a reason why being more vocal would be a distraction, detrimental, or unnecessary.”

But now, after giving it more thought, he has decided that the time is right. Not only did he come out, but he also showed off his new boyfriend, Fergus Wade, a British medical student. 

Ibañez has also created a new Instagram profile (@thegayrugger), embracing his sexuality and encouraging others to do the same. By announcing himself as “the only openly gay rugby player to earn a contract with an [Major League Rugby] side,” he is hoping to connect with other high level LGBTQ+ rugby players and “inspire the next generation of proud LGBTQ rugby players”.

“So I will proudly call myself ‘that gay rugger”’ in hopes that one day it won’t sound strange in men’s rugby,” he wrote. 

“Rugby has changed my life and inspired me to do things I never would have considered possible. But I have also found high level men’s rugby to still be far from a welcoming place for gay rugby players. I want to help change that because this sport has something to offer us all in the same way that we all have something we can offer to the sport.”

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