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So… the Oscars will have no official host this year and will instead have a variety of celebrities share the introductions, etc.  The Academy had a great opportunity to honor a celebrity who is both funny and has been an ally to minority groups in Hollywood, but they did not.  Who would you have chosen as host?

This week in my Sassy Comment Segment – Bryan Cranston plays a quadriplegic in The Upside.  Why is no one causing an uproar that a quadriplegic actor didn’t play this character? 

KHAAAAANNNN!!!!  Star Trek 4 has been shelved indefinitely.  Paramount couldn’t reach a deal with Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth (who was returning as Captain Kirk’s daddy) as well as the fact audiences and critics not being a huge fan of the last two sequels.  Die hard Star Trek fans are happy, hoping this is the end of JJ Abram’s new timeline. 

In How Dumb Can You Be news, Portland authorities had to issue a statement warning people not to conduct the Bird Box challenge, during which people try driving while blindfolded.  No confirmation whether these people were also Trump voters.

He-Man fans, rejoice!  Masters of the Universe is on its way, getting a rewrite from the writing team behind Iron Man.  Whoop whoop! 

Marvel may receive its first R rating with the Black Widow spinoff, although not much is known about the film other than it may be an origin film.  Let’s hope there’s not a lot of media pushback towards Scarlett Johansson because she is not actually a black widow spider. 

Remember Billy Zane?  After starring in Titanic as the bad guy and in Zoolander as himself, he made some bad career decisions and has been the butt of a few jokes because of his strange personality.  Is it time for a comeback?  He has just been cast as Marlon Brandon in an independent film biopic titled Waltzing with Brando.  Let’s hope its paired up with Waltzing with Acting Lessons.

The new interesting hybrid of films melds horror and superheroes, showing a more sinister side to superhero personalities.  M. Night Shymalan’s Glass, Veom and the reboot of Hellboy (with an R rating) will be followed by James Gunn’s Brightburn – a kind of Superman retelling although the superhero comes to earth, is taken in by rural foster parents, dons a cape and proceeds to wreak evil in his wake.  This I could get into. 

Brad Pitt’s World War Z 2 is finally happening and will start filming in March.  David Fincher to direct. 

Just a spoonful of money makes the medicine go down – Mary Poppins Returns is in sequel development already.  The huge marketing campaign proved very successful for the film, even though the film didn’t do to well at the Golden Globe Awards. 

Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore is in hot water again for drugs.  He was just arrested this last week when cops found drugs in his car.  Tom, who has appeared in Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers, True Romance and Twin Peaks, has had a long struggle with drugs and even appeared in reality TV’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  His drug addiction has affected his career as well as domestic abuse and child molestation allegations.  We know the law is getting stricter with celebs, it will be interesting to see the outcome.  This may be “no more” for Mr. Sizemore.

Stellan Skarsgard has been cast as the villain in the Dune reboot.  This will make another attempt to adapt the original Dune novel after David Lynch’s film version and the SyFy series.  Lets see how this turns out. 

In reboot news, we will see the Final Destination franchise get a reboot from none other than the team behind Saw.  I love this… I was a big fan of the Final Destination films, even the “bad” ones and love their campy approach.  This coupled with the great scripts from the early Saw films makes me giddy. 

Sarah Paulson is apparently a robot who never sleeps – she literally is in EVERYTHING!  Now she has put it out there that she really wants to be in a Marvel movie.  Ryan Murphy isn’t going to able to afford her anymore in American Horror Story.

Eddie Murphy confirms that he is back with Coming To America 2.  Let’s hope its better than Haunted Mansion… and Dr. Doolittle… and Norbit… and Daddy Day Care… and The Nutty Professor… and Vampire in Brooklyn… shall I go on?

Minecraft is getting a live action movie.  Minecraft as a game has over 91 million monthly users, not sure if this will carry over to film interest.  The film has been in the works since 2014 but has gone through a series of directors and writers that have left the project.  The new writer/director is Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist (a gem of a film) director Peter Sollett.  Steve Carrell was one time attached to the film as well. 

Bumblebee has surprised everyone and done sufficiently well enough for talks for sequel to surface from the studio.  INSERT EYE ROLL HERE.

Box Office:

#1:  In a major surprise, The Upside (starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart) usurped Aquaman for an amazingly strong debut

#2:  Aquaman – reached the billion dollar mark

#3:  A Dog Way’s Home – where Ashley Judd plays another sad mom

#4:  Spider-Man – critic and fan sweetheart

#5:  Escape Room – couldn’t escape a weak debut 

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