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So, we know that the Game of Thrones show runners are doing a new Star Wars trilogy that will have no direct tie ins to the Skywalker legacy.  This week we found out that the production has been fast tracked and will begin filming in the fall and will be set in the time of the Old Republic, hundreds of years before Luke and Leia and will undoubtedly be more sci fi and more Game of Thronesy. 

In other Star Wars news, unused footage of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia will be used in Star Wars 9 and will expand on her relationship with Poe.  Maybe it’s the part where he comes out the closet and she tells him that her mom was Debbie Reynolds and you can’t get much gayer than that. 

Terminator 6’s title is official – Dark Fate.  Sounds like a perfect cocktail to describe my dating life. 

Stop trying to make fetch happen!  MoviePass is back and is trying unlimited movie viewing subscriptions again.  I wouldn’t invest money in their Christmas office party.

James Gunn is officially back as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – the film was in danger of not even happening with all the drama of him being fired for tweets he shared years ago.  Although he’s back in the game, it will still be a little ways away as he has promised to focus on Suicide Squad 2 with all his effort before moving on to GOG 3.  The Suicide Squad sequel will not be a direct sequel in the general sense but rather have a reboot quality to it.  Anything to get away from the horrible first film. 

Ralph Fiennes must really dislike his nose.  He’s stated that he’s up for reprising his role as Voldemort for Fantastic Beasts – sure, add yet another character to that plot mess. 

Harry Potter the new soap opera on Logo.  Just kidding.  JK Rowling confirms that Dumbledore and Grindelwald got it on and were lovers.  Sources tell me that it was some of Dumbledore’s best wand work. 

Good news and bad news.  Good news, Transformers is NOT getting a reboot!  Bad news is – its getting a direct sequel to Last Knight – WHY GOD WHY?

Ezra Miller may be recast as The Flash for the new stand alone film.  The film has been slow to start production and now he’s literally fighting to save his place in the DC Universe.  He’s writing his own script to pitch that fits his personality and such.  I wonder if its because he has been so flamboyant on the red carpets and open about his sexuality as of late. 

It seems every week I’m bashing one of the films from The Conjuring universe (except for the first, that shit was good).  La Llorona is the latest horror film to hit the scene and is considered part of that franchise.  As a Latino, I can only hope for the best.  Maybe a pinata full of plot, good acting and scary moments – something lacking from the other films. 

Also, the latest Annabelle sequel gets a title, Annabelle Comes Home.  Too bad it wasn’t Annabelle Go Away. 

Yes, this is movie news but if Netflix can have a film up for an Oscar than I can report about stuff on Netflix.  Bird Box is getting a book sequel which will no doubt turn into a film sequel.  I hope the ghost of John Malkovich’s character plays a part. 

Sherlock Holmes packs his bags and heads to Old San Francisco for Sherlock Holmes 3.  They were trying to get as far away from Rachel McAdams’ acting as possible. 

We know that comic book films love their period pieces – The Batman reboot will be set in the 90’s apparently.  Interesting, I think that’s the last time period Ben Affleck had a career. 

Hollywood movie composer genius (no, not John Williams) Hans Zimmer will be doing the music for the Dune reboot.  Zimmer will also be scoring the upcoming Lion King live action remake.  Girllll, he can now afford a mansion for every letter in his name.

My college heart is swooning…the new movie poster for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood came out featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.  Do these hotties ever age?  Am I too old to say hotties? 

Sexual misconduct allegations strike again!  Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara stepped down after being named for his inappropriate behavior.  I bet this was a tough decision, even tougher than spelling his name right. 

Fun fact:  Danny Devito sound tested as Pikachu’s voice for the upcoming live action film.  It didn’t quite work out, even though they are the same height.  

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