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Last week we reported that Handmaid’s Tale Elisabeth Moss would star in the reboot of the Invisible Man…but who will the Invisible Man be?  Rumor has it that it’s between Arnie Hammer who looks amazing in a suit and Alexander Skarsgård who looks amazing in his birthday suit.  This is like Sophie’s Choice!  P.S. Why would you cast such a handsome man then have them be invisible?  Um, hello?

Drag queens and Disney fans are freaking out.  Disney announced that a live action film about Cruella DeVille is in the works – Emma Stone will be playing a young Cruella, before her hunger for Dalmations, and Nicole Kidman is the top choice to play the villain in the film.  Three words:  DE-LIC-IOUS. 

In other drag queen news, Maleficent 2’s movie poster came out and the film will drop this coming October.  Four words:  DE-LIC-IOUS-ER! 

Ummmm…Bohemian Rhapsody to get a sequel?  Rudi Dolezal, Queen’s music video director, stated that the Queen family were knee deep in development of a film that would start where the Live Aid Concert left off.  What?  Obviously Rami Malek would not be in it, and he might have been the biggest draw (besides the music of course), and the film would detail how the band dealt with Mercury’s passing and the aftermath of their lives.  Sooo…Bohemian Rhapsody’s producer came forward and said that was not correct.  Maybe the sequel can be a Lifetime movie then.

Conjuring 3 starts filming this summer.  PLEASE DON’T MESS IT UP!  I just can’t with the spin offs – Crapabelle, I mean Annabelle and The Nun – as in it was none good. 

Captain Marvel kicked ass this weekend at the box office, becoming the sixth highest worldwide debut of all time.  Captain Marvel star surprised audiences this weekend by delivering them popcorn.  I would say, thanks girl but where’s my drink? 

Ben Affleck said that even though he left Batman, he’s still open to directing a DC film.  DC said, new phone – who dis?

Rush Hour is getting a reboot – this time with a female take on the story.  This didn’t do so well for Ghostbusters or Oceans Eleven. 

Who’s making a big return in Star Wars 9?  It’s….none other than Vader’s helmet.  I guess it survived and will once a gain make an appearance. 

Will Smith hated Suicide Squad so much that he has left the sequel – I mean, due to a scheduling issue, Will Smith will not be reprising his role in Suicide Squad 2.  Idris Elba is set to replace him.  Let’s hope he can elevate the material. 

Crazy Rich Asians is finally getting not one, but two sequels, and will be filmed back to back – China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems start filing in 2020.  I’m still the only one in the world who didn’t think the first film was that great.  

Olivia Cooke is being eyed to play a part in the live action Tom and Jerry reboot.  I’m not sure we need a Tom and Jerry live action redo. 

The Hitman’s Bodyguard was a quiet little gem starring Samuel L Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek.  Well, the film is getting a sequel and Morgan Freeman is joining in the fun.  I was starting to worry about Freeman because he was only in 342 movies this year. 

Hello Kitty is getting a Hollywood film!  No details yet if this will be animated or live action, but New Line Cinema will be developing the film – the first time, ever, that rights have been given to a studio outside of Japan.

The original creator for Sonic the Hedgehog is not happy with the look of Sonic in the live action remake, and he’s letting everyone know #SHADE

Fun fact:  Oscar Winner Julianne Moore was fired from Can You Ever Forgive Me? that ultimately starred Melissa McCarthy who got the Oscar nom this year.  

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