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In very odd news, Will Smith is playing daddy to Serena and Venus Williams’ in the upcoming biopic, King Richard.  He’ll be playing Richard Williams in the title role as the film will cover his life, and the rise of the two tennis players.  Um, did you know Richard has 6 other kids?  Can you imagine that Christmas newsletter:  Serena and Venus won the Tennis Championship and…well, the others got a job at Dominos. 

Glenn Close just won’t give up, she will not be ignored!  She will be playing Norma Desmond in the movie adaptation of Sunset Blvd, a role she played (and stole from Patti Lupone) on Broadway.  I have that recording of Sunset Blvd… I use it to clear the room when a party goes on too long.  Maybe Patti can dub your voice.  She’s a great actor, but a great singer?  Hmmm….

MGM and Mattel are dating and are teaming up for a film based on the View Master toy.  Huh?  Who sold that idea?

Dean Cain gives his support of a Michael B Jordan version of Superman.  In other news, Michael B Jordan askes who the hell Dean Cain is? 

I know what I’m giving up for Lent.  A Star is Born is being re-released with an addition 12 minutes of footage.  Probably sponsored by Nyquil…zzzzzzzzzz. 

Hot off the heels of his Oscar win, Rami Malek is in talks to join the next Bond film.  He will be playing Bond’s first bi-spy experience…lol, just kidding but, can you imagine?

I have some good news and some bad news…The good news is that Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twins is getting a reboot of sorts starring Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage, which I think is hilarious.  The bad news?  Its being written by Etan Cohen, not Ethan Cohen, who wrote the Razzie Award for Worst Film – Holmes & Watson starring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.  Whaaaa????

Super Gay!  Marvel’s new film Eternals will feature the first gay super hero lead.  Whoop whoop!  Um, hello, I’m free!  Of course, no one wants to see this in spandex.  Maybe I can play the sidekick, Taquito. 

Two film giants, Guillermo del Toro and JJ Abrams are teaming up for Zanbato – a ninja film that Abrams will produce and del Toro will write and direct.  Ninjas?  Hmmm….

Hellboy reboot is officially Rated R!  Its going to be full of blood and gore, just like my last breakup. 

Roy Liotta will stop selling stuff on commercials and will return to his mafia days starring in The Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. 

Casting news:  The Handmaid’s Tale Elisabeth Moss is up to star in the Blumhouse reboot of The Invisible Man.  The Invisible Man is also the title of my dating book. 

Remember Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt?  It was like a Sci-fi Groundhog Day and was actually not too bad.  Its finally getting a sequel and Tom and Emily are coming back.  Let’s hope the audiences come back, the box office was very, shall we say, modest. 

Some celebrity drama.  Johnny Depp has had some problems lately with alleged money issues, selling off some of his properties as well as on set drama with crew members.  Now he has filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against his ex, Amber Heard, for defamation in response to her abuse allegations.  AND, to rub salt into the wound, its being rumored that Amber was seeing Elon Musk during her marriage to Depp…I wonder if she got a free Tesla.  Also, Depp is not returning for any more Pirate movies….thank God. 

So we have some after Oscar drama.  Steven Spielberg says that Netflix films shouldn’t be considered for Academy Awards and then everyone went ape shit – Neflix said, uh, back off cause we love and make good films and not everyone is privileged enough to go to the movies, so there.  Obviously Roma’s Academy Award Winning director Alfonso Cuaron defended Netflix as well as Ben Affleck.  Um, not sure having Ben Affleck on your side is a good thing at this point.  What do you think?  Martin Scorsese is not taking any chances and is pushing for his next film, The Irishman, to receive a theatrical release right before its Netlfix release. 

Simon Pegg has totally transformed his body.  This Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek actor revealed his new, lean and cut body on Instagram showing off his look for his upcoming film, Inheritance.  The only think I inherited from my family was a love of carbs and disdain for running. 

Do you love it?  Well, apparently Hasbro does.  Clue and Monopoly are getting a Stephen King’s IT makeover in special editions of the board games.  I think I was the only one “board” at the first IT.  Get it?  Sigh.  Ok. 

Scooby Doo – Where Are You?  Well, he’ll be returning to theaters – in animation form for the first time in 15 years with voices by Gina Rodriguez and Will Forte.  Zoinks!

Sherlock Holmes 3 with returning cast Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law gets pushed back a year!  The films have been very profitable and no reason is given for the delay.  Also, the film STILL doesn’t have a director.  Get it together!

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