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The Oscars have changed their mind and will NOT be giving away Oscars during the commercials.  Duhh…these Oscars that they were going to give away during that time make films a film.  Otherwise it would the actors walking around taking selfies. 

Emma Thompson is not having it!  She left Lucky, an animated film because the studio hired John Lasseter (who was let go from Pixar amid sexual allegations). 

In No I’m Not news!  Arnie Hammer has debunked his Batman casting rumors and Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan has refuted his Superman casting notice.  Although that is a Batman vs Superman movie I would watch.  Oh la la!

In other superhero movie news casting, Gwyneth Paltrow has stated that Avengers: Endgame is her last Marvel Universe film.  Who cares?  Bye, Girl! 

Taron Egerton is doing his own singing as Elton John in Rocketman and the first video is out with his singing voice – he is fantastic.  Elton says he has never heard anyone sing his songs better. 

I’m really excited!  Ridley Scott and Disney are working on Merlin – a true fantasy film.  Ridley Scott hasn’t done pure fantasy since Legend which has become a cult favorite…probably because of Tom Cruise’s loincloth. 

Jason Momoa may be joining Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin in the Dune reboot film.  Let’s hope he gets acting lessons before then – Javier and Josh will EAT HIM UP…which I’d also watch. 

Frozen 2 trailer has set records for most views for a trailer for an animated film – with over 116 million views during the first 24 hours. 

Because American Doll hasn’t made enough money yet, Mattel and MGM are doing a live action film based on the “way too expensive to believe it” doll world. 

Big Trouble in Little China will not be a reboot as first reported, but will be a sequel!!!  I wonder if Kim Catrall is fighting with anyone from that cast.  #Shade

Pirates of the Caribbean reboot has a set back as the writers – the writers from Deadpool 1 and 2 are out! 

Well, Bumblebee did so well at the box office – WHO IS WATCHING THESE FILMS? – and so it is confirmed that Transformers will use this to reboot the franchise.  Unless the Transformers sing showtunes and dance with a shirtless Henry Cavill, I’m not interested. 

We know that Blumhouse has been tearing it up in the horror film scene, they are talking about rebooting Hellraiser and Scream.  I would love to see a Hellraiser reboot, I don’t think we need a Scream reboot just yet.  Unless all the victims were social media “stars”.  In other Blum news, Jason Blum wants to make 10 more Halloween films.  Calm down, girl. 

Instagram photos confirm, Star Wars has finished filming and so end the Skywalker legacy!  A huge timestamp in the history of film…let’s hope they don’t muck it up with endless spinoffs and reboots. 

Remember Steve Guttenberg?  Cocoon, Short Circuit, Police Academy…anyone, anyone?  Well he’s making a comeback in an indie comedy titled Stuck!  A time travel comedy.  Haven’t seen one of those before! 

Fun random facts: 

Channing Tatum and Chris Evans were in the final choices to be cast in Avatar, we know that Sam Worthington was the final choice.  Its like Sophie’s Choice for hot men!

Will Smith turned down The Matrix to star in Wild Wild West.  Maybe the Scientologist told him to do it.  

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