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Ok… rumor has it, the final Star Wars film with the Skywalker legacy will be called!  Balance of the Force… boringggg… who wants balance?  Not the catchiest way to end these films.  How about Skywalker Silenced?  Or Cool Kylo Kills?  I hope it isn’t sponsored by New Balance running shoes or Balance Nutrition Bar – neither which I use. 

Sorry Hugh Jackman fans, the role of Wolverine will indeed be recast for upcoming reboots.  Anyway, Hugh Jackman is too busy touring the world with his showtune live show to counteract gay rumors.  Ahem. 

Deadpool 2 is now the highest grossing film for the X-Men franchise.  This could very well because of the PG-13 recut.  All that profit and Ryan Reynolds still can’t afford acting lessons.  Shame.  SHADE

We know all about the Bohemian Rhapsody drama regarding director Bryan Singer and the sexual allegations against him – the film was pulled for GLAAD Best Picture Award Nominee – and now star Rami Malek has made it public that working with Singer was no joy.  He didn’t go into much detail.  All this negative energy towards the making of the film may affect its winning at the Oscars.  In other Queen news, the original band members of Queen opted to not open the Oscars this year. 

Child’s Play trailer will drop Friday – this has nothing to do with the SyFy Child’s Play TV show, Child’s Play own creator has rallied against the film reboot – which is supposed to show us a technically updated version of Chucky – maybe a computer game or AI doll? 

Javier Bardem is joining the Dune reboot as Stilgar.  This makes me feel better about the film, Javier (except for Mother!) has made wise choices. 

Ben Affleck is officially out as Batman after much discussion.  Oh well.  Robert Pattinson fan (remember Pattinson from Twilight?) have started sharing fan art on the interwebs depicting Edward, I mean Robert, as Bruce Wayne.  Not sure that works.  Sorry fam. 

Disney is taking Hollywood’s call to have more women in lead, behind the camera roles and boasts that 40% of their upcoming films will be directed by women. 

Anne Hathaway shared that her role in Les Miserables made her mentally and physically sick.  Her performance as Fantine had the same effect on me.  In other news, Christian Bale will no longer make drastic body changes for his roles.  With CGI advances, actors and hair and makeup are having to do less and less for film roles. 

Mission Impossible 6 and 7 are being worked on and will be released in the summers of 2021 and 2022.  Do you think we should wait in between films?  With On Demand release in the middle that’s a lot of Mission Impossible (and Tom Cruise) to saturate.  Maybe only if villain Henry Cavill makes a return in a speedo. 

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will be coming back for Rush Hour 4 and the script is almost finished.  Good thing, Chris Tucker has rent to pay. 

Zootopia will get not just one, but TWO sequels.  Its cheaper that way.  Let’s hope the quality doesn’t suffer to save some change. 

Tommy Wiseau, responsible for the best worst film ever made The Room, shared a teaser from his next film (also with Disaster Artist actor Greg Sestero) – Big Shark set in New Orleans.  Nothing has been revealed as to plot – do any of his films have a plot?  I had the opportunity to interview Tommy and Greg on On the Rocks Radio Show – it was a very fun and informative interview.  I can’t wait to see what Tommy as in store.

Ok, Liam Neeson is in all kinds of trouble.  During an interview for his latest film, Cold Pursuit, he mentioned that he wanted to kill a “black bastard” to avenge the rape of a close friend.  Well the PR tour for Cold Pursuit went into disaster mode and he was on Good Morning America to clear things up – saying he was not a racist BUT admitted that he went into black communities to try and pick a fight with a black man so he could kill him.  Whatttt?  Um, not really a great statement to make right after saying he wasn’t a racist.  Oh Liam – he did say this was in the past and that he sees the errors of his ways and talked with a priest.  Um, Liam – priests are having their own issues to apologize for.

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