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Bohemian Rhapsody has been pulled as a nominee for Best Film for the GLAAD Awards due to recent sexual allegations of director Bryan Singer.  Despite the numerous sexual assault allegations, he is still set to direct Red Sonja.  Do you think the whole film should be held accountable for the director’s alleged actions? 

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure will be in theaters by Christmas 2019… tubular and most excellent.  Honestly, I have no idea what to expect from this movie.  And let’s be honest, Keanu has sold his soul to the devil in exchange for never aging… even his acting ability hasn’t aged. 

What if the Babadook and Guillermo del Toro had a baby… it would be the gayest, scariest baby around.  Well Del Toro is working on a horror film with Babadook director Jennifer Kent – this should be fabulously good.  The Babadook character became the victim of sassy gay horror memes because of his dapper outfit.

After a lot of campaigning, Jay and Silent Bob reboot has been picked up and will start production.  The film will make fun of other film sequels. 

One of my favorite Jim Henson films The Witches is getting a redo by Robert Zemeckis – Anne Hathaway will play The Grand High Witch, originated by Anjelica Houston. 

MoviePass will be relaunching with an unlimited movie viewing plan.  Give it up, MoviePass – stop trying to make fetch happen. 

Princess Diaries 3 script is finished and Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are on board.  Princess Diaries 2 was 15 years ago! 

Ghostbusters 3 is happening and will be released Summer of 2020!   Ernie Wilson has stated that he hasn’t been approached yet.  Um…

Other sequel news, Aquaman 2 is starting development – director James Wan won’t sign unless there’s a great script.  So… I guess a much different approach from the first script.  Yes, that was shade. 

In even more sequel news – Baby Driver 2 script is finished and is headed to further development. 

Christopher Nolan’s next film will release Summer of 2020 but nothing has been revealed as to title, cast or plot. 

We did report that the Breaking Bad movie was happening – well now Bryan Cranston is confirmed as returning.  Hmmm….

Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame will become the latest film added to a live action remake – it will also be a musical.  Josh Gad is rumored to star. 

James Gandolfini’s son will play a younger version of Tony Soprano on the film version of The Sopranos – which is set to be an origin film. 

Wonder Woman 2 hasn’t even happened yet, although it was announced that Wonder Woman 3 will happen in contemporary time.  Chris Pine doesn’t think he’ll be in Wonder Woman 3. 

Angela Bassett let is slip at the SAG Award red carpet that Michael B Jordan is back for Black Panther 2.  His abs should be nominated for an Oscar.

Detective Pikachu hasn’t even debuted yet, although the sequel is already being worked on. 

The Grudge reboot has been postponed from 2019 to 2020 – never a good sign for a film.

The Invisible Man is moving forward at Universal, although Johnny Depp is no longer attached (he’s probably filming Willy Wonka in the Caribbean).

The Joker origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix has provided much fodder for Hollywood rumor machines.  Latest news is that script rewrites were actually happening during filming.  Yikes.

SAG Award highlights:

Glenn Close beat Lady Gaga again for Best Actress

Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody

Emily Blunt won for Supporting Actress for A Quiet Place – husband John Krasinski gushed from his seat

Mahershala Ali won for Green Book

Jason Bateman for Ozark

Sandra Oh for Killing Eve

Darren Criss for Versace

Outstanding Cast – Black Panther


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